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Kansas Wind Power-W, 13569 214th Road, Holton, KS 66436       Phone: 785-364-4407


Whisper Wind Generators and parts are not currently available

except for one new in the box Whisper 200 Marine (sealed and powder coated for more corrosion resistance). This unit was purchased about a year ago and never used. It is located in Illinois. Contact us if you are interested 785-364-4407. Use as a complete machine or for spare parts.

Whisper Wind Generator  The blades are injection-molded fiber reinforced.  Alternator is  direct drive, brush-less, permanent magnet 3-phase for high power and low cost. Unregulated AC power from wind generator is sent to be rectified to DC at the control box which is used for charging batteries. Sealed bearings are permanently lubricated for low maintenance. Frame is cast aluminum. Preset for 24 volt and is easy to configure to 12, 24 or 48 volt.

Includes Charge Control Box and meter display. It shows: Total Kilowatt Hours, Peak Amps (and peak or average wind speed with optional Anemometer) The meter display can be mounted on the controller or up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away letting you know what is happening. You can even add an anemometer to your controller and now you can measure wind speed and compare it to the output to make sure you are getting the most from your Whisper.
Start up wind speed is 7-8 mph. Patented side angle governor tilts alternator and blades up and back at an angle for over-speed protection in higher winds.  Made in USA.


Monthly Energy Production
Estimated kilowatt-hours (kwh) per month generated for each model at different average wind speeds (mph).
Local conditions can change energy production. The tower top wind speed is used for calculations. Wind speed is normally stronger with height. Tall towers are recommended.

Average Wind Speed 8 10 12 14
AIR N/A 12 KWh 22 KWh 38 50
Chinook 200 N/A 26 KWh 34 KWh 40 47
Whisper 100  N/A 31 KWh 63 KWh 100 150
Whisper 200  N/A 60 KWh 130 KWh 200 270
Bergey 1 KW 57 KWh 115 KWh 175 240
Whisper 500  N/A 170 KWh 340 KWh 540 740
Bergey Excel 7.5 341 KWh 700 KWh 1130 1570
Bergey Excel 10 415 KWh 806 KWh 1330 1940


Whisper 100 3 blade 7’ diameter  900 watts at 28 mph
24 volt, adjustable to 12 or 48 volts. Mounts on 2.5” pipe.   Includes Charge Controller and Meter Display.
W042 90 lbs   $3000   No longer available

Replacement Parts
Blade Set              3CMBP1200 10 lbs $210
Blade Bolt Package 3CMBP1276  5 lbs $30
Blade Strap Set       2WHBL100   2 lbs $36
Nose Cone             3CMBP1119  3 lbs
Controller for Whisper 100, 200 and usable with the H40, H80
1CRWC10-01 19 lbs $725
Meter Display for Controller  1CRWC11  2 lbs $120

Whisper 200 3 blade 9’ diameter  1000 watts at 26 mph
24 volt, adjustable to 12 or 48 volts. Mounts on 2.5” pipe.
100 lbs
  No longer available

Replacement Parts
Blade Set
                                          3CMBP1201 15 lbs $230
Blade Extension Set  Stainless Steel   2WHBL103    6 lbs $141
Nose Cone                                         3CMBP1119  3 lbs $35
Blade Bolt Package                            3CMBP1287  5 lbs
Controller for Whisper 100, 200 and usable with the H40, H80 1CRWC10-01 19 lbs $725
Meter Display for Controller 1CRWC11 2 lbs $120



Guyed Fold-Over Tower Kits

Tilt-up towers can be quickly raised and lowered with a vehicle by one experienced person. No climbing, no welding, no crane. Installation and inspections are done on the ground. The four guy wire anchors are located one-half the tower height away from the hinged base. Components will need to be painted with the color of your choice. Not included is the schedule 40 tower pipe, lifting line, anchors, ground rods, rebar (all of which you can purchase more cheaply locally) and concrete. Shipped freight collect. Tower manuals included with kits or available separately for $12.


Towers for Whisper 100 or 200 and smaller

TOW24WHI   24’  $505  95 lbs
$860  130 lbs
 $1230  140 lbs
$1430 150 lbs
$2000  175 lbs

5 " pipe Towers

WTO9K4    30’   $1400 160 lbs
$1600 165 lbs
$2000 210 lbs

Earth screw anchors  Sets of four

Auger Anchor 3’ long by 6” for 24’ tower,  galvanized          TWW1202  35 lbs $220
Auger Anchor
4’ long by 8” for 30’, 50’ towers, galvanized   TWW1204 45 lbs $250
Auger Anchor
5’ long by 10” for 65’, 80’, towers, galvanized TWW1206 65 lbs

Anchor Suggestions by Southwest Windpower

There are four types of anchors that are most commonly used with our towers, screw in "Auger" type anchors, hammer driven "duckbill" anchors, cast concrete anchors and expansion bolts (for use only in solid rock). What anchor should be used depends on the soil type that the anchors will be placed in. See the following table for our suggestions.


Soil Type

Loose Gravel
Rocky Soil
Gravely Soil
Solid (Soft) Rock
Solid (Hard) Rock

Recommended Anchor

Buried in Concrete
Buried in Concrete
Auger or Duckbill
Large, Long Expansion Bolt
Smaller Expansion Bolt


Duckbill, Buried Concrete
Auger, Buried Concrete
Buried Concrete
Buried Concrete
Large Eye Bolt + Cement

Whisper Owner’s Manual   Included with wind generator. May be ordered separately. Specify model. O011 1 lb $12


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