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Used Wind Generators & Parts    Click on pictures for a larger view 
Some items on this page are shown for historical and informational purposes. All items are sold as is.

Jacobs, Parris-Dunn, Wincharger, WinPower, WhirlWind. Towers. Check on availability of parts. All items sold as is. Crating and shipping cost are extra. E44 Enertech Service manual and Installation manual $25
21/5 Enertech
Service manual and Installation manual $25
4000 Enertech Owners manual $15
1800 Enertech Owners manual $15
1500 Enertech Owners manual $12
Owner’s Manuals for most wind generators are $12 plus $12 shipping


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For Sale
1 KW grid tied Bergey Wind Turbine

 Includes Turbine, Inverter, and 60ft Rohn SSV tower (self supporting). Only one owner.

Located in southern Rhode Island and installed in 1985 and operated continuously for 25 years.

System is complete, and to the best of my knowledge is in working condition.  The slip rings on the tower adapter do need to be replaced. The slip rings brushes are brand new.  The parts for this are available from the factory in Norman, OK.   The tower has three 20' sections.   Included is the the tower wiring in PVC conduit and the fused disconnect at base of tower.  No batteries are used with this system. The asking price is only



Synchronous Inverter interfaces turbine output to the grid power.




3000 watt, 32 volt or 120 volt, 14' rotor, 230 lbs

Not available, shown for historical and informational purposes.

Two WhirlWind 3000 on 60 foot towers. WhirlWind 3000 with control box. 1970 Porsche 914


WhirlWind 2 KW, 3 KW, 4 KW, 10 KW

WhirlWind 4000 watt, 32 volt, 16' blade diameter on tower behind house.
Two electric pickups with tilting bed.

  3000 watt 60" Tower  

2" Ice Storm, 4 KW

Model A 120 volt DC


7.5' WhirlWind Blade, Good wood half blade for the 15' blade used on 4 KW and similar sized wind generators. There is enough wood to make the blade 8' long.   Shipping and crating is extra.  $250

8' WhirlWind Blade, Good wood half blade for the 16' blade used on most 4 KW WhirlWind and similar sized wind generators, Shipping and crating is extra.  $250
Limited Special   Both blades for $299





WinPower by Wind Power Co. Newton, Iowa

1800 watt, 32 volt, 12' diameter, down wind design-blades act as a tail. Band brake for shut off. Blades feather in high winds. Flyball Governor activates with RPM and wind pressure against the blades. These are heavy built units and weigh about 350 pounds. Blades are $200 - $300 per set extra.  2 units available, Blades are not included.

$1200 This one has damaged armature.  Special $395

$3000 With good armature. Special $995



WinPower drawing of generator and wiring.     $200

WinPower 1800 watt, 32 volt DC Control Panel

Has cutout relay, generator fuse holder, field fuse holder, 50-0-50 amp meter, connection terminals for Generator positive and negative, field, Battery  positive and negative.
7-14" x 10-1/4" 3-1/4", 10 lbs.



We have many parts available including generator, gearboxes, blades.

Jim Davis' pictures of his beautifully restored Wincharger Streamliner.
Please contact Kansas Wind Power if you know of anyone with a Streamliner.  785-364-4407

10'-12' Blades
$100, $200, $300


Cutout Relay and Amp Meter $275

$15 each 
12 lbs

$65 $65
Cutout Relay and Amp Meter $300
Both for $450
Over Charge Regulator
1500 watt Wincharger Package $695
4-Blade Governor
 Governor Cover
32 volt Generator
4-Blade Governor $300
 4-Blade Governor $250

<--- Governor Cover $55


Governor Cover $75 --->

1500 watt Generator
$375 $300

6' diameter blade, 100 watt Wincharger parts

  Air Brake Governor Sold Meter Box $20 Brake Shoe $10 Tail $29 Unit 8 $40   $15  
6 volt
100 watt  Winchargers


  Unit 1 $29 Unit 2 $19 Unit 3 $19 Unit 4 $15 Unit 5 $10 Unit 6 $9 Unit 7 $5  
100 watt, 6 volt
Side folding tail.
Offset mount
and tail.
          Tail Fin $12 Tail $19  
Tail $29     Tail $29     Tail $29  



This Sunset picture was taken 1/2 mile away from the Jacobs wind generator located at Kansas Wind Power. Tower is 75 feet high. The blade diameter is 13.5 feet. The very heavy, slow speed, direct drive generator is rated: 32-40 volts DC, 65 amps. Unit weighs about 550 lbs.   
© 1978 Kansas Wind Power 


2500 watt, 32 volt, generator, flyball governor, 13.5' diameter blades, tail, saddle tube, tower castings for 4-leg tower, mostly complete with 75' tower. $5995  Jacobs only $3995

1800 watt, 32 volt Armature and Field $800  Special $195

1800 watt, 32/40 volt  generator unit only $1200   Special $695

Control box
with attached voltmeter. $35

Jacobs Saddle Tube

Flyball Governor $1250


32 Volt DC Welder $250

Carbon Arc Torch



ParrisDunn   Sold      

 1200 watt, 32 volt, 11' rotor       

Entertaining - This is one of our favorite wind generators to watch in action. The entire rotor and generator tip back to govern in higher winds. The tail assembly is over 8 feet long. Partially  rebuilt in 1975, ran for 1-2 years then put in storage.



3 blades, 13' diameter, downwind rotor, 120 VAC

Enertech 1500/1800
Fiberglass top nacelle cover in fair condition is $200.
(dirty and has a crack as shown in 2 pictures)
Limited Special   $49

Crack in fiberglass

Click on pictures for a larger view.

                        Enertech  Tip brakes  set of 3
Enertech 1500, 1800  $45     Limited Special  $25



Tip Brake Latch

Enertech E44 
We have a few parts for the 44 foot diameter turbine rated 25, 40 or 60 KW.

4 Tip Brakes are available. 2 are bent from over speed. One has latch and the tip brake part of the hinge. $453 
Limited Special   $89


  Dynamic Brake parts: Capacitors, Resistors, contactors, current monitors, heater elements.  $280

Limited Special   $49



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