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Electric & Hand Powered Grain Mills,   Flaker/Roller


The Kitchen Mill

Very Popular

Makes fine flour fast and easy.

Mills all grains, beans, corn, popcorn, rice, oats.

Compact and light. Does not use stones or burrs.

Instead of stones, the Kitchen Mill uses a stainless steel micronetic chamber of the type used in the pharmaceutical industry to created exact uniform particles for medicines.

 The milling chamber has two stainless steel wheels with concentric rows of teeth as pictured below. These teeth spin within each other at high speed. Grain enters the center of the chamber and burst into fine flour. The milling temperature is low. None of the moving metal parts touch. More of the nutrients are saved. Choose from 5 different texture settings. Easy to use and clean.

The housing and flour pan are high impact Lexan. Pan holds about 24 cups. The 1 3/4 HP universal motor mills about 1.5 cups of flour per minute, 1 pound of grain per minute. It can run for hours and hours and day after day. It sounds loud like a router but is fast so it is not on long.

This USA made product has over 15 years of research and engineering refinements. Includes one extra F filter. 10" x 8" x 6". 120 volts AC, 8 amps maximum. 6 year warranty on motor and workmanship, lifetime on milling chamber and mill pan.  Kitchen Mill™ is legally owned by K-TEC/Blendtec and is being used by permission.

A101  10 lbs shipping  $345 


 Country Living Grain Mill


       Made in USA        Designed to last        Easy to motorize

The best hand mill we know of and out grinds many electric mills. Grinds most dry grains, including wheat, corn, beans, amaranth, etc. Easy to adjust. Rapidly makes quality fine flour the first time through and with less effort than any other mill. Can be use to crack grain. The only hand mill with industrial ball bearing construction. Has attractive and tough food grade powder coat finish on cast aircraft aluminum. Hopper holds 2 lbs of wheat. Stainless steel auger. V-groove flywheel for easy motor conversion or use a bicycle exerciser and your leg muscles. Base has bolt holes for mounting. There is a lifetime warranty on mill  and a 1 year warranty on the long lasting steel grinding plates.  14”x 15.3”

Country Living Grain Mill   A150   26 lbs  $679 
The high quality grinding plates are carefully made with the time-proven lost wax process. Each plate has its own wax model, which is coated with a colloidal silica slurry. Then it is put into an autoclave oven with heat and pressure. The wax melts out leaving a tough shell to use as a mold. Into the shell is poured 3,000 degree molten high-carbon steel. After cooling, the plates are machined slightly to insure complete flatness. No other grinding plates in the world go through more exhaustive processes than the Country Living Grain Mill plates.


Bean & Corn Auger 
Made of Stainless Steel
1 lb $45

Power Bar handle extension (shown in black) - increases leverage for 40% easier turning.  A152 2 lbs $30


Flour Bin catches and stores flour. Made of clear high-impact polymer with lid. 5” x 7” x 5-3/4” tall.   A153 3 lbs $30
Grinding Plates Normally it will take a long time before you will need replacement plates. It might be okay to have a spare set if you are going to be in an isolated area for a length of time. With normal family use, the high-carbon steel plates should last 3-4 years.
 A156 5 lbs $185


Stainless Steel Shaft A158  3 lbs $24 Snap ring for handle end of shaft. A160  $2
  Double sealed, Armor Bearing A159 2 lb $9  two for $16  Handle assembly includes wood handle, bolt, washers and nut 
2 lb $20


   Motorization Kit is the easiest way to motorize your Country Living Mill. It has a German made, gear reduction motor attached to a birch base. It also comes with a safety guard to hide the pulley wheels and belt. All you have to do is bolt your Country Living Mill to the mount, attach the belt and belt guard and it's ready to go. Just like the Country Living Mill, the motorization kit is built to last for many years. With this kit, your mill turns at about 50 rpm to insure a cool grind for all your flours. 
Motorization Kit A157 40 lbs  $445
Motorization kit pictured with and without the safety guard.  As long as you have electricity this is a wonderful way to grind your flour.  It's very quiet (you can actually have a conversation standing next to it), and the grind is very cool.  We've had our motorization kit on the Country Living Grain Mill for over six years, and ground flour for friends, neighbors, and a large extended family.  There has been minimal wear on the grinding plates, and the motor has performed flawlessly.  In short, we love it. Country Living Productions.


Pedal Power

An example of using an exercycle for productive exercise and fresh ground flour. A small pulley has been attached to exercycle flywheel and a v-belt connected between pulleys. Let your larger leg muscles do the work. Great exercise for the whole body. Provides more incentive to both exercise and make your own wholesome flour.



Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill



One piece cast aluminum body with durable white powder coat finish. Adjustable for coarse or fine flour.  Base can be bolted to counter or use the optional clamp for portability. Five year warranty by manufacturer. Made in USA. A130 14 lbs $180


Package with Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill with stones, Stainless Steel Burrs and Clamp for base. 
  20 lbs $300 

Clamp is 3" wide, 3-3/8" deep and 1-7/8" from front to center of disc. Disc is 1-1/2" diameter, knob is 2-1/2" diameter.

A133  3 lbs  $35



Stainless Steel Burrs are best for large or oily grains, soy, coffee, or to crack grains.

A132 5 lbs $85 

Top Quality Features

bulletThe Nugget's™ superior design and high quality grinding stones give you fine flour the first pass through the mill.  It can be easily adjusted to produce any consistency between very fine flour and coarse cereal.
bulletThe Sunshine Nugget™ has an attractive finish that gives it a great appearance in any kitchen, and allows for easy cleaning as well.
bulletThe entire mill can be cleaned by removing one screw, taking the rotating stone off and simply brushing out the milling chamber.
bulletThe grain hopper is over one quart in capacity and is a permanent part of the mill's one piece design -- no need to worry about accidental grain spills during grinding.
bulletA pan fits easily under the stones to catch the flour as it is milled, with no need for special apparatus or aprons to funnel the flour.
bulletThe Nugget™ has been designed with special bearings that extend the life of the mill by eliminating excessive wear of the drive shaft. This design also allows the Nugget™ to be attached to your own electric motor or exercise machine for even easier use. Just remove the handle and attach a 12" to 14" pulley wheel -- the milling shaft has already been modified with a keyway for easy hookup.


Flaker / Roller


Campo Schnitzer Flaker/Roller  12 lbs Not available

with Double Stainless Steel Rollers

The Campo Schnitzer will roll and flake oats, spelt, rice, rye, and wheat- and other dry grains of a similar size to wheat  The Campo can also be used to roll seeds with a high oil content.

Speed will vary depending upon how fast you crank and how tightly the rollers are adjusted. The Campo flakes up to a quarter pound per minute. Okay to roll oats and oily seeds without preparation.  Wheat, rye, barley, millet, or other grains should be soaked in water to provide some moisture content.  Dry grains have a tendency to break into little pieces instead of being rolled unless they have been soaked in water for a few minutes. 
Flaker uses two geared stainless steel rollers with an infinitely variable adjustment, so you can flake your grains as fine or as coarsely as you desire. Body is made of Beech wood finished with linseed oil. Hopper holds roughly a quarter pound of grain. Includes table clamp. 11" high, 6" wide

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