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Wind Power for Home & Business

Covers many applications, measuring the wind, estimating output, economics, various designs for wind machines and towers, interconnecting with the utility or independent systems, water pumping, best locations, zoning, installations, operating and maintaining. Has wind maps for most areas, atlas, sources and more. 500 pages.    

O010  5 lbs  $50       Limited Special $39

Wind Energy Basics

A good overview of small wind generators for homes. On grid and off grid information, siting, tower installation, planning, hybrid solar/wind system, and net metering. 124 pages.

O015 2 lbs $25   Limited Special $19

Pocket Ref

Incredible. Loaded with tables, diagrams, formulas, constants and conversions. Fits in your shirt pocket. A must for every engineer, geologist, contractor, do-it-yourselfer, craftsman, traveler and student. Has perpetual calendar, world wide phone area codes, sections on air, automotive, carpentry, construction, chemistry, physics, computers, printers, Morse Code, electrical, electronics, glues, solvents, paints, finishes, plumbing, pipe, copper-plastic-steel, rope, cable, chain, general information, general science, geology, hardware, steel, metals, mine, mill, water, hydro, money, currency, tools, math, physical constants, weights of materials, welding, surveying, mapping, 3200 conversion factors, much more. 768 pages. Great gift.   
                                                           O040 1 lb  $13


Battery Book for Your PV Home

Recommended if you use lead acid batteries. It explains how they work, taking hydrometer and voltage readings, equalizing, improving life and efficiency. 22 pages O030 1 lb $8   Limited  Special  $4

Forty Something Forever
A Consumer's Guide to Chelation Therapy and other Heart-Savers

Guide to Survival Communications

A book for people of all ages who want to regain youthful health and vitality. Chelation therapy demystified, a safe and effective non-surgical way to treat coronary artery disease, heart arrhythmias, and avoid stroke and heart attack. Overcome ailments brought on by environmental pollution: allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome. Improve vision, hearing and memory. Slow the aging process. Learn more about the complications with bypass, surgery, balloon angioplasty, lasers, stents, drugs.  380 pages  O027  3 lbs $7
Limited  Special  $4
How to build and power your system. Covers in depth communication services available to anyone on shortwave, amateur radio, scanning, CB, federal services, weather services, alternative news sources, plus many sources of vital information. Instructs where to find and how to choose your equipment to build your system. Information on alternate emergency power sources, solar systems, generators, backup batteries and more. Covers building satellite radio systems. 8.5” x 11”, 182 pages. O025 3   lbs $20  
 Special  $4

Blind Loyalty

Read what candidate Devvy Kidd says about electronic vote fraud, the party system, Congress, federal courts, why we won’t see good changes. A must read. 45 pages.  Limited supply.  Read more articles by Devvy Kidd on her web site: http://www.devvy.com/      O084 1 lb $4

Why a Bankrupt America?
You should know how our money system works and how you are controlled by a private corporation. The Federal Reserve Banking System is not federal or reserve. Read what our leaders say where your tax really goes. A good education by Devvy Kidd. Over a million in print. 45 pages. We are out of this item.


ASTRONOMY  Star Maps                                 

Sky Map

The front cover has a specially designed luminous planisphere that rotates to simulate the seasonal progression of celestial objects through the sky. When the planisphere is pre-exposed to light, star positions glow brightly against a dark background, mimicking actual constellations. More than a thousand stars and deep-sky objects are listed and charted. The illustrated reference section provides basic information and the visual characteristics of various types of stars, nebulae and galaxies. The maps measure 13¾" x 11½" and are printed on a heavyweight, moisture resistant card stock. Pages have a special comb binding so they can lay flat or be folded over. O107 2 lb $24       Special $10

 Planisphere           David H. Levy Guide to the Stars

Largest, most innovative and easiest to read. Circular star chart by famous astronomer - David H. Levy. The back is also loaded with beginner’s information. Waterproof plastic.

O105   16"  diameter  2 lbs   $20      Special $18



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