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Wind Instruments

Why a wind gauge? 
Have you ever been sitting in your home and heard the windows shutter and the walls creak because of a strong wind that blew by?  You might be surprised just how low a wind speed can cause either of these actions.  A wind gauge will let you know exactly how hard the wind is blowing.  A wind gauge can also be helpful in reminding you to secure the patio furniture, or shut off the lawn sprinkler due to high wind conditions.   Some model are available in timeless classic solid brass or with optional chrome or satin nickel finish. Brass cases are 6-1/2 " diameter, 2-3/4" deep   5-year warranty.


Nor’Easter   Wind Speed

Powered by AC or by 9 volt battery (not included). LCD digital display with pine wood housing. Mount meter on wall or desktop. Displays wind speed to 99 MPH. Has sensor, AC adapter and 60' cable. Just add more wire for a longer distance. A wire size of 22 gauge is good to 500'.  M001 10 lbs $225    Special  $195

Sirocco   Wind Speed

Self-powered analog meter in beautiful mahogany stained wood case. Has wind sensor, 60’ cable. Just add more wire for a longer distance. A wire size of 22 gauge is good to 500'.

M003 10 lbs $225 Special $195

Vigilant     Wind Speed & Highest Gust

Self-powered analog meter in brass case shows wind speed up to 100 MPH and peak gust since reset. Has wind sensor and 60' cable. Self-powered, needs no batteries or other power source. Brass cases are 6-1/2 " diameter, 2-3/4" deep

M005 10 lbs  $400  Special  $345

Maestro  Wind Direction, Wind Speed & Highest Gust

 Analog meter in brass case shows wind speed up to 100 MPH and peak gust since reset. Wind speed is self-powered. Wind direction is displayed across 16 compass points using LED's powered by supplied AC power pack. Has wind sensor, direction sensor, AC adapter and 60' cable. Brass cases are 6-1/2 " diameter, 2-3/4" deep M011 10 lbs $600  Special  $525

Merlin  Wind Speed, Direction, Gust speed and direction, Average speed and direction, Forecast

A digital instrument with a "brain" to record changes and trends as well as present wind conditions. Readings are given in four modes: Present displays existing wind conditions. Peak gives speed and direction of highest gust since last reset. Average reveals average wind speed and direction since last reset. Forecast compares most recent 12-minute average with previous 12 minutes.

Features user-selectable units of measurement for speed (MPH, Knots, km/h or m/s) and can interface with Mystic (a barometric pressure and temperature instrument) to compute wind-chill. Merlin's memory is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve stored data. Ships complete with: 60' sensor cable, AC adaptor, outdoor sensors and mounting hardware. Brass cases are 6-1/2 " diameter, 2-3/4" deep  M012  12 lbs $675 Special $575

Anemometer   Sensor only

 Mount on high tower to sense wind. Cups are made of black polycarbonate (Lexan). Cup rotation induces an AC sine wave voltage in a coil by a 4 pole magnet. Frequency is directly proportional to wind speed. 102 mph = 60 Hz at 3.67 volts AC, 1800 RPM. Cup rotor is 7.5” diameter. Please specify which wind instrument or wind generator the replacement anemometer is to be used with.

#400 single frequency coil, used in Nor'Easter, Merlin, Enertech Wind Generators.   M006 2 lb $135  Special $125

#41 dual coil, voltage and/or frequency, used in Siroccos, Vigilant, Maestro. Can be used for Enertech Wind Generators.  M010 2 lb $135  Special $125


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