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Kansas Wind Power-W, 13569 214th Road, Holton, KS 66436       Phone/Fax: 785-364-4407

    USA Shipping & Handling Costs for Post Office, U.S. Funds only

Insurance for each package is $3.00 for first $100 of value, then $1.60 per $100 remaining for EACH package.

Shipping cost for priority boxes over 1 cubic foot are calculated by dimensional weight and will cost more.


48 States


Parcel Post


Parcel Post



$17 $19 $17 $20
3-5 $21 $28 $21 $32
6-10 $32 $42 $31 $50
11-15 $40 $52 $45 $64
16-20 $47 $64 $52 $80
21-25 $52 $70 $58 $89
26-30 $57 $80 $66 $103
31-35 $67 $88 $77 $113
36-40 $76 $94 $89 $122
41-45 $84 $100 $100 $130
46-50 $91 $105 $109 $137
51-55 $94 $112 $113 $147
56-60 $98 $117 $117 $152
61-65 $105 $126 $127 $164
66-70 $112 $134 $134 $173

Please contact us for shipping quote to other countries. There is a $50 processing fee on foreign orders (except for catalogs) plus the shipping and insurance cost.

Insuring shipments. Insurance is used to protect the customer from shipping loss or damage to the order while in the care of the Post Office, UPS or similar carrier. If a customers sends an order without requesting insurance, then the customer must accept the loss or damage without reimbursement.

How to figure UPS Shipping Cost. Add up the weight of items being ordered. Take this weight in pounds times $1.15 and add $12. Example: a total weight of 25 lbs would cost $40.75. The shipping cost of $1.15 per pound (+$12) is for the normal shipping method of UPS ground to 48 States. Call us for shipping cost if you would like to have your order shipped by UPS Next Day Air, Second Day Air or 3 day select. Do not send shipping cost or insurance for items sent by truck freight collect. Shipping cost is paid to trucker upon delivery.

Prices, availability, specifications, and terms are subject to change without notice. We try to keep our prices lower than average, so more people can take advantage of renewable energies. Please include enough payment with order for all shipping and insurance costs. Any extra shipping money sent is refunded. Bank checks or money orders are preferred, but you can also use personal checks and credit cards. Some items may take 4-6 weeks for delivery and certain items are drop shipped from warehouses around the country. Prices are FOB Holton for many items and the rest are FOB various USA shipment points. Some items also have a crating charge.

Returning items No returns 30 days after purchase. Item must be new, undamaged, unused with original box and instructions/papers. Please call first! There may be a 15% -25% restocking charge or more, so please contact us first before returning an item. Some items should be returned to factory and not returned to us. Special order items and items shipped by truck freight are not returnable. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

Sales Tax Add 7.9% sales tax on items and shipping cost for sales within Kansas. California orders for Sun Frost, Kyocera and a few select products need to add California sales tax.

Backorders If we are out of some of the items you order, part of you order may be shipped at a later date. We will notify you if we expect a long delay.

Manufacturer's Warranty For most items that fail during a warranty period, contact us or the manufacturer for instructions. Repairs will usually be faster if you deal directly with the manufacturer. In most cases, if the item needs to be returned. it is usually returned to the manufacture.

Shipping Damage Inspect shipments for damage. Contact the shipping company right away if you have damage. Save box and packing material until any claim is settled. Items shipped by truck should be inspected before signing delivery receipt. Any damage to box or item should be noted on receipt.

Information Please let us know if you need more information on any items. We have more items than we can list in the catalog. Let your friends know about our energy saving products.

When UPS or a common carrier takes possession of a shipment, they sign and acknowledge receiving product in good order.  Once they take possession, we no longer are responsible for the condition of the products.

UPS:  We realize that UPS will deliver without a signature.  If there is visible
damage the customer has 48 hours to call UPS and refuse the shipment, which means UPS will return the damaged cases at no expense.

If damage is discovered after acceptance of delivery, the customer will need to file a claim against UPS.  It will be the customerís decision to replace the damaged goods.   

Freight:  Once a truck line accepts a pallet of product from us, they own it.  All common carrier deliveries require a signature at time of delivery.  It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the shipment prior to acceptance.  If there is visible damage (ie: forklift punctures; shrink wrap is broken; case quantity does not match bill of lading) then the customer must note the damage on the bill of lading before accepting delivery.  It is the responsibility of the customer to file a damage claim with the carrier.  The carrier will reimburse the customer for their loss.  It will be the customerís decision to replace the damaged goods.

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