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Your health and the health of your love ones is extremely important!
Consider using good supplements to boost your immune system, improve your strength, stamina, longevity, reduce medical expenses and harmful side effects of some drugs.
Increase your use of quality fruit, vegetables, probiotics, Vitamin D3, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


LifetimeVibe machine 

Made in USA
Developed with inputs from Physical Therapist and Doctors.

See how others have been greatly helped.

Used by medical professionals.

Learn all about it at LifetimeVibe.com

$3500        Limited Special Price  $1999



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Patented SilverSol Technology®

Available in Case quantities

  Shipping Price Special Case size
Silver Biotics® Immune Support 10 ppm
4 oz Spray   G081
0.5 lb $18 $14 12
Silver Biotics® Immune Support 10 ppm
8 oz bottle  G082
1 lb $29 $22 12
Silver Biotics® Immune Support 10 ppm
16 oz bottle  G083
2 lb $41 $31  12
Silver Biotics® Immune Support 10 ppm
32 oz bottle   G084
4 lb $57 $43 8
Silver Gel  24 ppm  1.5 oz tube   G075 0.5 lb $12 $9 25
Silver Gel  24 ppm  4 oz tube  G076 0.5 lb $25 $19 12
SilverSol® Tooth Gel  22 ppm 1.5 oz tube  G078
with peppermint oil and Xylitol
0.5 lb $8 $6 25
SilverSol® Tooth Gel 22 ppm   4 oz tube  G077
with peppermint oil and Xylitol
0.5 lb $14 $11 12
Silver Biotics® Lotion 20 ppm  1.5 oz tube  G079
with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid
  0.5 lb $10 $7.50 25
Silver Biotics® Lotion 20 ppm  3.4 oz tube  G080
with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid
  0.5 lb $20 $14 12
A New Fighting Chance- Silver Solution- A Quantum Leap In Silver Technology- How molecular structuring safely destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast Shop now      

Learn about the many uses and benefits of Silver. Click here to read free book and here for other info.


Increase your energy, improve sense of well being and stay more healthy through proper mineral supplementation. Did you know that many hard vitamin and mineral tablets may pass right on through your system without being absorbed. Powder in capsules or liquid supplements work better. These liquid minerals are readily absorbed.

Ionic Mineral Supplements

Minerals are essential for life and health. Improper type or amount of minerals could account for many diseases. These super small particle size (much smaller than colloidal) minerals are ionic, water – soluble ready for the body cells to use. They contain very pure minerals and water with no fillers, binders or chemicals.

Some items are available in extra strength 4X Quarts instead of gallons. Same total amount of minerals in either size. The minerals are 4 times stronger in the Quart bottles with much less weight and volume to ship. If you use 1 teaspoon of the regular strength, then only use 1/4 teaspoon of the 4X quart size.

      Prices for minerals   
Pint         3 lbs   $20    Special
Gallon    15 lbs
  $65   Special $50
4x Quart  4 lbs   $65   Special $50


Boron   G310 Pint,  G311 Gallon     - Good for mineralizing bones; memory and brain function. Estrogen regulator.

  G312 Pint,  G313 4x Quart - Needed in every organ of the body.

  G314 Pint,  G315 Gallon,   - Helps regulate metabolism, blood sugar, and insulin.   4x Quart limited supply $29

  G316 Pint,  G317 Gallon - Increases effectiveness of glucose transport from blood into body cells.

  G318 Pint,  G319 Gallon - Helps rid body of parasites.

  G320 Pint,  G321 Gallon - Facilitates oxygen to body organs.

   G322 Pint,  G323 Gallon - Enhances body's natural defenses against illness; helps body relax.

  G354 Pint   G355 Gallon  A rare trace (or micro-) mineral believed to support several hormonal systems

 G324 Pint,   G325 Gallon - Mainly affects the thyroid, but protects the brain by destroying harmful toxins. Notice: Iodine is light sensitive and must be stored in amber or dark bottles. Only the pint size comes with amber bottle. The gallon size is a clear bottle with a black plastic bag around it. The iodine will get weaker with light exposure.

  G326 Pint,  G327 Gallon - Necessary for healthy blood chemistry and essential for recovery from illness.

  G330 Pint,  G331 4x Quart - Aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension, assisting digestion.

  G332 Pint,  G333 Gallon - Aids memory and brain/nerve functions.

   G334 Pint,  G335 Gallon - Instrumental in regulating pH balance in the body. Viagra effect.

   G336 Pint,  G337 Gallon - Used in the treatment of cancer.

  G338 Pint,  G339 Gallon - Critical to cardiovascular/nerve function.

   G340 Pint,  G341 Gallon - Crucial for the proper functioning of heart muscle; evidence it can help fight cancer.

   G342 Pint,  G343 4x Quart - Boosts immune system; kills "bad" bacteria (anaerobic), leaving helpful bacteria. 2 tablespoons/gallon for water storage.

  G344 Pint,  G345 4x Quart  - The healing mineral; aids every cell.  

 G346 Pint     G347  Gallon    Tin has been implicated in hair loss and hearing loss.

  G348 Pint,    G349 Gallon    - Regulates the circulatory system.

Water of Life 
G350 Pint,  G351 4x Quart - Aids/promotes body's natural functions.

G352 Pint,  G353 4x Quart - Helps reduce healing time; supports immune system; stops bacterial/viral replication.

 Prices for minerals
Pint         3 lbs   $20   Special
Gallon    15 lbs
  $65   Special $50
4x Quart  4 lbs   $65   Special $50



Body Alkalizer

 Makes food and drinks more alkaline. Many people are to acid and may have health problems from it.

G006 1 oz. $12 



Oxygen molecules stabilized by chlorite molecules which are derived from sodium chlorite. Use to kill bacteria in water with oxygen. Great for traveling, camping, storing water. Milk foods keeps longer. 30 drops/gallon for water storage. The 4 ounce bottle yields two 10-drop dosages a day for 60 days. Use 30 drops/gallon for water storage G005 0.5 lbs $12

About Our Air & Water Purifiers

Our air and water purifiers being light, mobile and very simple to use, can filter your indoor air or drinking water instantly – just by a flip of a switch. It can be used to treat drinking water from any source - public or private, or your indoor air - right from the comforts of your own home or office. Utilizing a UV lamp and ozone, it is one of the best and most eco-friendly ways to safeguard you against many impurities in our air and water today.

Ozone’s Origins & Uses

Ozone was first identified around the 1840s. In 1906, France built the first municipal water treatment plant utilizing ozone purification. Today, over 2,000 plants worldwide are using ozone to help purify our drinking water. In fact Los Angeles, California even has one the largest plants in the world utilizing ozone. Also, ozone systems are being used over chlorine systems in water-bottling plants because of ozone’s extraordinary ability to effectively purify water without any chemical side effects to consumers. It is by far the safest and most powerful oxidizer today, allowing us to enjoy fresh clean air and sparkling fresh water naturally without any artificial or toxic cover-up.

Ozone’s Meaning & Creation

Ozone from the Greek word ozein "to smell" is a volatile (reactive) molecule comprised of three oxygen atoms. It is produced when the sun’s short-wave ultraviolet light strikes and splits oxygen molecules (O2) in the ozonosphere, high above the earth (~90,000 ft. above sea level) into oxygen atoms (O1), afterwards combining to any oxygen molecules (O2) nearby, making ozone (O3). It is also one of nature’s most abundant cleansers along with the sun’s ultraviolet light shining through on to this beautiful Earth. It’s even created whenever a lightning storm occurs by splitting oxygen molecules (O2) – resulting in the same product as the sun. The sweet smell afterwards has been said to be ozone as well.

Top Five Benefits of Using UV Light & Ozone

1. Odor and pathogenic elimination in the air and water.

2. Clean air and water without any nitrogen byproducts.

3. pH neutral, causing no adverse affect of water’s pH balance.

4. Revitalizes stale air and water in a matter of minutes.

5. Inexpensive to run, just taking pennies a day.

Ozone Generators

Use for air and water purification or personal health. Cleanse air of viruses, bacteria, molds, cigarette smoke, odors. Cleans stagnant or stale water at one ounce per minute. Use on fungus infections like athlete’s foot, acne, chapped skin, cancer, ulcers, asthma. Extend shelf-life of foods. Inexpensive to operate. Produces beneficial ozone and negative ions. 120 volts AC, 108 watts, 7” x7” x19” Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. These units are custom made with your choice of Hickory, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, Birch, Maple or Pine. Specify your wood choice.
20 lbs $700
Ozone Generator with oxygen ready input to connect to your oxygen bottle. Produces  stronger ozone output. Use with or without an oxygen bottle (not included). G014  20 lbs $725

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.


The following for information purposes only and is not to take the place of the advice or recommendation of qualified professionals. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ionic Mineral Supplements

Much smaller particles than colloidal.  Higher absorption, no dyes, fillers, binders, preservatives.

Natural healing laws and methods have existed since the beginning of recorded history and probably before. A rapidly growing segment of the population, some 66 percent, has turned to the drugless healing arts and practices and thus spurred renewed interest in nutritional principles, exercise, breathing, iridology, homeopathy, fasting, reflex therapy, polarity work, glandular balancing, herbology, acupuncture, and many other aspects of the holistic approach to health.

Good health entails a high level of physical, mental, and spiritual well being. The key to health and well being is found in maintaining a proper nutritional foundation, as excess or deficiency in any of the primary chemical elements needed in human nutrition could account for most diseases and pathogenetic mental symptoms. Human body tissue can neither be restored nor rejuvenated without proper nutritional support; eating correctly should, therefore, be our number one priority, but the reality of our highly processed fast food society is that today it is very difficult to follow a healthy diet and even more difficult for our body to digest, absorb, and metabolize the foods we eat into useable elements necessary for proper body function. The problem is compounded by the fact that many fruits and vegetables are picked green before they absorb the proper life giving nutrients (for easier transportation to markets) and that our soil is largely depleted of the essential elements. Nutrient depleted soil = Nutrient depleted food.

Our bodies are not designed to ingest and assimilate foods that have been irradiated, devitalized, are deficient in vitamins, enzymes, fiber, nutrients, and loaded with additives designed to give them eternal shelf life. Such “food” leads to sickness and disease. Since every disease takes time to develop, eliminating disease takes time too. Hering’s Law of Cure states; “when we use the drugless healing arts, all illness is reversed and we go through a remission period in which we pick up again our old troubles. Thus gradually, we reverse from the chronic stage of disease toward good health by entering a healing crisis when an acute stage has been reached, often the discharge stage.” In the same way our bodies are not designed to ingest and assimilate inferior foods, our bodies do not thrive on pharmaceutical drugs created in a laboratory. Drugs are not structured or evolved for compatibility with the human organism. More often than not, drugs cause side effects that range from uncomfortable to severe to lethal.

In recognition of the fact that we are not getting the mineral nutrition our bodies need from the food we eat, and thus the corresponding need for mineral supplementation, Water Oz was born. Our bodies are made of the same basic chemical elements (minerals) of which the earth is made. Minerals are essential for life and health. Specific minerals facilitate specific functions in the organs and tissues where they are dominantly stored. Each mineral is a conductor or transmitter operating on a specific vibratory frequency. Rarely does any element function alone. Each element achieves its power through bio-chemical combination and relationship with other elements, in other words, our products all work synergistically with our other products and the natural minerals we get from pure food sources.

Remember, as with everything in life, balance is important. Either inadequate or excessive production or supply of the essential nutrients required for proper body function can result in physiological imbalance leading to a wide variety of disease states. The importance of nutritional supplements is widely recognized in the scientific community and among nutritionally oriented physicians, but it is important to remember, nutritional supplementation should be considered part of a long-term health program, not a quick fix. After taking Water Oz products, some people may feel a difference within 48 hours, for others there is a more subtle change that takes longer to recognize. Ultimately, most people feel increased energy, an improved sense of well being, and get sick less often.

We need to return to a simpler, more natural way of life. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, herbs. When available, choose organically-raised beef and chicken, and fresh fish. Finally, get fresh air and sunshine, exercise and adequate rest.

Mineral Co-Factors

We recommend taking most of our minerals in the morning.

Certain minerals work better at night and others work better during the day. There are also minerals and vitamins that work together, activating each other.

Mineral AM PM Co-Factor
Calcium X X Magnesium
Chromium X   Zinc
Cobalt X   Vitamin B
Copper X X Iron + Zinc
Germanium X    
Gold X X Selenium
Iron X   Copper
Magnesium X   Calcium
Manganese X    
Platinum X    
Selenium X   Gold
Silver X X  
Sulfur X X Vitamin C
Water of Life X    
Zinc X    

What Makes These Minerals Unique

WaterOz mineral dietary supplements are the purest minerals available on the market (up to 99.9999% pure) and the purest water (a five step purification process assures absolutely pure water). Nothing more, nothing less. WaterOz, through a complex proprietary process, liquefies minerals to a state where (when dehydrated) they will grow crystals. Each mineral presents unique problems that must be overcome in a different manner than each other mineral. This process duplicates nature’s method of turning minerals from the earth into a form useable by man. When a plant processes minerals from the earth, the minerals end up in the crystalline form necessary in order to be useable and absorbable by the body.

About Minerals

Recognition of the importance of the minerals required for perfect health is so new, that few textbooks contain much about it. It is now believed that at least 24 elements are essential to living matter (i.e. deficiency symptoms occur when these elements are lacking which are then resolved when proper balance is achieved). Minerals are essential to physical and mental health. They are a basic part of all cells, particularly blood, nerve, muscle, bones, teeth, and soft tissue. Some are essential for functional support such as the electrolyte minerals (sodium, potassium, and chloride), that help regulate the fluid and acid-base balance of our bodies, while other minerals are part of enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions, aid energy production, metabolism, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, and cell permeability. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of our diet and provide the fuel, or source of energy, to maintain life and promote cell and tissue growth and other biochemical support. Minerals contain no calories or energy in themselves, but assist the body in energy production.

Minerals (or elements), come from the earth, and eventually return to the earth, and can most simply be defined as chemical molecules that cannot be reduced to simpler substances. They exist in their inorganic state in the earth, and in their organic state as the basic constituent of all living matter. The main elements essential to health, each of which makes up more than .01 percent of total body weight, are termed macrominerals (calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, potassium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium and silicon). The next group of elements, termed microminerals or trace minerals, each of which constitute less than .01 percent of total body weight, though found only in minute amounts, are also essential to health (iron, copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt, bromide, boron, manganese, selenium, fluorine, molybdenum, vanadium, arsenic and chromium). Other elements contained in the body include some of the toxic metals (lead, aluminum, cadmium, and mercury).

The pH Factor

The pH balance in the body is one of the most pertinent factors that affect the health of the body. pH stands for parts of hydrogen The ideal pH of the body is indicated when the urine is 6.6 and the saliva is 7.4. There are two pH’s in the body which are intra and extra cellular and keeping them in the proper range keeps the polarities of the body in the proper position for optimum electrical impulses, meaning nitrogen and oxygen are at the ideal balance in the body. The pH in the body controls fat. Alkaline elements break down fat. Cell’s that are anaerobic are nitrogen breathing cancerous cells. The always have a very low pH. Aerobic cells, which are oxygen breathing, are healthy cells; they have a high pH. Having an alkaline system will help to prevent cancer. Both pH’s are supposed to stay as far away from each other as possible. If both pH’s in the body meet death occurs. The lower pH, mostly for extra cellular fluids, should be 4.5 or lower. A higher pH, for inter cellular fluids should be 6.9 or higher. pH test kits test the upper pH. Most people do not have a problem with high pH.

Recommended Daily Allowances

We do not follow the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) suggested by the FDA when we recommend dosages of our mineral waters. Due to the fact that our products are completely absorbable, unlike anything the FDA has ever tested, commonly known measurements do not apply to our products. Work with your health care practitioner to establish appropriate dosages for your individual needs.

Having an understanding of the basic minerals needs in your body and how minerals work is the best way to figure out what your deficiencies are.

The WaterOz minerals do not have to be refrigerated. Most last indefinitely. We do not recommend mixing the various minerals together to store them, although it is fine to put them in the same container and then drink them.

A gallon has = 128 ounces = 256 Tablespoons = 768 Teaspoons
A quart has = 64 Tablespoons = 192 Teaspoons
A pint has = 32 Tablespoons = 96 Teaspoons
3 Teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon = 15ml
2 Tablespoons = 1 ounce

Boron 30 +/- parts per million

Boron is said to potentiate estrogen’s role in building bones by helping convert vitamin D into the active form necessary for the absorption of calcium. Boron is essential to bone metabolism and calcification of bones, and helps prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, and tooth decay. Boron is necessary for cartilage formation and repair; it affects calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus levels. Memory and brain function can be improved with boron. Boron plays a role in regulating the hormones, especially estrogen, but testosterone as well. A boron deficiency can cause weak and fragile cell walls. Some research shows that boron improves libido. Boron is stored in the parathyroid glands.

Symptoms of boron deficiency:

Arthritis, Memory loss, Brittle bones, Muscle pain, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Receding gums, Hormonal imbalance, Weak cartilage, Loss of libido

Natural sources: whole grains, nuts, seeds, apples, pears, grapes, leafy greens.

Calcium 2,500 +/- parts per million

Calcium is one of the most essential of the major biochemical elements needed in human nutrition. It is needed in every organ of the body, including the brain. Calcium is called the "knitter" because it promotes healing or knitting everywhere in the body. It is valuable for tone, power, strength, longevity, vitality, and endurance, healing of wounds, counter-acting acids, and helping regulate metabolism. Because it is used in almost every function, calcium is commonly deficient in our diets. It is one of the first elements to go out of balance when the diet is inadequate. Calcium is stored in the blood and teeth, as well as in the nerves, muscles and tissues. Magnesium and Vitamin D increase calcium absorption while sodium helps keep calcium in soluble form in the body (it must be water soluble to be useable). Calcium raises the body’s resistance to viruses, parasites, bacteria, and cancer. A lack of calcium leads to a host of diseases and degenerative conditions. Pure water-soluble calcium serves a two-fold purpose; it helps reverse symptoms caused by a buildup of compounded calcium, like kidney stones, gall stones, arthritis, and high cholesterol, and helps reverse conditions caused by a deficiency of calcium like acidosis and osteoporosis. A high incidence of cavities, or white spots on fingernails indicates a calcium deficiency. This mineral is necessary to regain the proper pH balance.

Some symptoms of a calcium deficiency:

Acne, Arthritis, Acidosis, Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.), Asthma, Bell’s Palsy, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cavities, Cataracts, Common cold, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cramps, Enlarged heart, Fibromyalgia, Gallstones, High Cholesterol

Natural sources: bran, cheese, raw milk, figs, prunes, dates, onions, vegetable greens, kidney and soybeans, lentils, molasses, shellfish. Note: refined sugar and foods high in oxalic acid (spinach, cranberries, and rhubarb) leach calcium from the body.

Chromium 300 +/- parts per million

Chromium deficiency is a major factor in the development of heart disease (heart attacks, hardening of the arteries). Chromium is stored principally in the kidneys, spleen and testes, with trace amounts found in the heart, lungs, pancreas and brain. The body can not easily absorb chromium.

Chromium helps the body regulate metabolism, and regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. Chromium helps the body lose weight by stimulating enzymes that metabolize glucose for energy. It plays an important role in the liver synthesis of fatty acids (burns fat). When the body is deficient in chromium, twice the amount of time is needed for insulin to remove glucose from the blood. Chromium enhances insulin performance and glucose utilization and helps carry proteins. Chromium works best if taken before meals. Refined sugar causes the body to deplete chromium more rapidly. Strenuous exercise can also deplete chromium levels. The elderly are unable to store as much chromium in the body as are younger people. The refining of starches and carbohydrates robs foods of chromium. American soil is chromium deficient compared to European soil.

Some symptoms of a chromium deficiency:

Anxiety, Hyperinsulinism, Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D), Hypoglycemia, Aortic cholesterol plaque, Hyperactivity, Arteriosclerosis, Impaired growth Bi-polar disease, Infertility, decreased sperm count, Coronary blood vessel disease, Obesity, Depression, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Peripheral neuropathy, High blood cholesterol

Natural sources: corn oil, cloves, whole grain cereals, meat, and brewer’s yeast.

Cobalt 100 +/- parts per million

Cobalt is an essential mineral, although the body only needs a small amount. Cobalt is stored in red blood cells with smaller amounts in the kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen. Research indicates that cobalt helps with the repair of the myelin sheath, increases the effectiveness of glucose transport from the blood into body cells, and increases the assimilation of iron and the building of red blood cells. Cobalt is an important agent of Vitamin B-12; it increases the body’s ability to absorb it. Cobalt stimulates many enzymes of the body and normalizes the performance of other body cells. Because of its low absorption rate and high excretion rate, cobalt toxicity is not common, but an excess can lead to enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Some symptoms of cobalt deficiency:

Digestive disorders, Pernicious anemia, Fatigue, Poor circulation, Myelin sheath damage, Slow growth rate, Nerve damage

Natural sources: raw milk, goat milk, meats, apricots, sea vegetables.

Copper 90 +/- parts per million

Copper is most concentrated in the liver, heart, kidneys, brain, bones, and muscles and is essential in the blood. Trace amounts are present in all body tissues. Copper increases iron assimilation; iron and copper work together in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Anemia can be a copper deficiency symptom. Various enzyme reactions require copper. Copper influences protein metabolism and general healing, improves vitamin C oxidation and is integral in the formation of RNA. Low or high copper levels can be found in those with mental and emotional problems. Copper helps rid the body of parasites, and is beneficial for graying and thinning hair. Copper excess is not common because only a small percentage is assimilated, but toxicity problems can present serious disease states.

Some symptoms of a copper deficiency:

Allergies, Kawasaki Disease, Anemia, Liver cirrhosis, Aneurysm, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Oppressed breathing, Dry brittle hair, Parasites, Edema, Parkinson’s Disease, Gulf War Syndrome, Reduced glucose tolerance, Hernias, Ruptured disc, High blood cholesterol, Skin eruptions or sores, Hypo and hyper thyroid, White or gray hair, Hair loss/baldness, Varicose veins, Heart disease, Wrinkled skin

Natural sources: liver, whole grain cereals, almonds, green leafy vegetables, and seafood.

Germanium 50 +/- parts per million

Germanium is one of the most dynamic new discoveries in the realm of trace elements necessary for optimum nutritional health. Germanium raises the level of activity of various organs (facilitates oxygen uptake) and helps to expel harmful pollutants and arrest germ activity. Germanium serves as an electrical semiconductor, helping correct distortions in the electrical fields of the body.

Germanium is still being researched for all its possible supplementary applications. Poor immune system, low energy and cancer indicate germanium deficiencies. It is believed to act as an anti-cancer agent and is effective for viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Some symptoms of a germanium deficiency:

Asthma, Leukemia, Cancer (breast, lung, bladder), Neuralgia, Cardiac insufficiency, Nephritis, Hypertension, Neurotic disorders, Hepatic cirrhosis, Softening of brain tissue

Natural sources: garlic, ginseng, aloe vera, comfrey, all chlorophyll rich foods, shiitake mushrooms, and healing herbs.

Gold 50 +/- parts per million

Gold promotes a general euphoric feeling, enhances the body’s natural defenses against illness, and promotes vitality and longevity. Gold has been found to improve glandular function. It helps the body to relax. Some people report that after taking gold for an extended period of time, it raises energy levels. It is also believed that gold helps repair damaged DNA.

Gold is reported to be effective against joint inflammation and, when used with aspirin for arthritis, relieves pain. Gold is not an analgesic but may have anti-inflammatory effects.     Neutralizes fluoride poisoning.

Some symptoms of a gold deficiency:

Arthritis, Gland dysfunction, Brain dysfunction, Heat flashes, Chills, Insomnia, Cancer, Joint inflammation, Circulatory disorders, Night sweats, Depression, Obesity, Digestive disorders, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Drug/alcohol addiction

Indium 80 +/- parts per million

Indium is a rare trace (or micro-) mineral believed to support several hormonal systems in the body and may elevate immune activity and reduce the severity and duration of a plethora of human conditions. It is believed that indium may provide aid to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. These two master hormone producers have the job of maintaining optimal output of hormones for the body. Once this stasis is achieved, a great many other hormone-producers become stimulated, causing a domino effect and helping retard aging and various health problems.

Indium seems to enhance food and mineral absorption by the body. It even has been found to aid in the utilization of other essential trace elements. It is not found in food or water; in fact, although it is not ordinarily found in the human body at all after approximately 25-30 years of age, those people taking indium experience beneficial results immediately. Some of the short-term benefits reported by many indium users include: increased energy, an enhanced sense of wellbeing – the so-called "indium high”, and a reduced need for sleep. Long-term benefits of indium include (but are not limited to) a gradual correction of many chronic illnesses such as: ADD, improved blood pressure, stress-related problems, healthier body weight, autism, and a reversal of visible signs of aging. It is believed that when taking indium one feels rejuvenated and energized because the hormonal system is working better.

NOTE: There are no sulfates is this product. Do not take with food. Not for use on broken skin or in the eyes.

Iodine 15 +/- parts per million

Iodine is called the "metabolizer." It is one of the most vital of the biochemical elements and has one of the highest vibratory frequency rates of all the elements. It mainly affects the thyroid, which not only controls many important functions in the body, but also keeps us in a quickened state of health. Iodine restores heat and assists calcium in the repair and building of tissue in the body. Iodine is stored mostly in the thyroid, and in smaller amounts in the muscles, skin, and bones.

The thyroid gland secretes iodine. Hormones produced by the thyroid regulate and control the metabolism of the body, increasing the assimilation of salts. They also control digestion, heart rate, body temperature, nervous system, reproductive system and body weight. Iodine protects the brain by destroying harmful toxins and helps neutralize toxins in the rest of the body. Iodine aids the assimilation of calcium and silicon. Skin problems such as dry or scaly skin are indicative of an iodine deficiency. A regular elevated intake of iodine would be required to produce iodine toxicity. Allergic reactions to iodine occur occasionally, manifesting as skin rashes or acne.

Some symptoms of an iodine deficiency:

Acne Hyper and Hypo -thyroidism, Cretinism, Lethargy, Depression, Miscarriages, Frustration, Scaly or dry skin, Goiter, Sterility or Infertility, Hormonal imbalance

Natural sources: seafood, kelp, eggs, papayas, mango, pineapple, dulse.

Iron 75 +/- parts per million

Iron is called the "energy giver." It attracts oxygen and builds blood. Along with maganese and copper it is necessary for healthy blood chemistry and is essential for recovery from illness. It is stored in the blood, bone marrow, liver, and spleen, with trace amounts in every organ. Iron is one of the most common deficiencies in men as well as women, although women require more iron than men because of their menstrual cycle. Without sufficient iron, the body cannot manufacture enough new hemoglobin, the red cell protein that transports oxygen in blood. Iron helps the body rid itself of carbon dioxide and keeps liver tissue soft.

Iron combines with other nutrients to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism, digestion, elimination, circulation, and helps maintain sufficiently high blood pressure. Vitamin C improves iron absorption.

Some symptoms of an iron deficiency:

Anemia, Fatigue/lack of stamina, Anorexia, Fragile bones, Brittle nails, Growth retardation, Constipation, Hair loss, Dizziness, Headaches, Depression , Ice eating (Pica), Dysphasia, Unnaturally pale skin

Natural sources: greens (chlorophyll), high iron fruits, dark berries.

Magnesium 2,500 +/- parts per million

Magnesium is a natural tranquilizer. Called the "anti-stress mineral," it aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension, assisting digestion, activating enzymes important for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and modulating the electrical potential across all cell membranes.

Magnesium is important in the production and transfer of energy, muscle contraction and relaxation, and nerve conduction. It also aids regularity, is necessary to keep vertebrae in their proper position, induces restful sleep, purifies and purges body tissues (combats acids, toxins, gases, impurities, and neutralizes poisons), and lowers fever. Magnesium is stored in the bowel, nerves and ligaments. Chlorophyll and green vegetables contain large amounts of magnesium

Some symptoms of a magnesium deficiency:

Asthma, Malignant calcification of tissue, Anorexia, Migraines, Cramps, Muscular weakness, Convulsions, Muscle tremors, Calcification of organs, Muscle tics, Calcification of small arteries, Myocardial infarction, Depression, Neuromuscular problems, ECG changes, PMS, Growth failure, Vertigo, Headaches, Wrinkles, Kidney stones

Natural sources: nuts, whole grains, unpolished rice, wheat germ, green vegetables.

Manganese 100 +/- parts per million

Manganese, also called the "brain mineral," is important in the utilization of all mental facilities/functions. It aids memory and other brain and nerve faculties. Though only found in trace amounts in the body, good health is impossible without it. It increases resistance and recuperative ability and, like iron, aids in oxygen transfer from lungs to cells.

Manganese strengthens tendons, tissues, ligaments, and linings in and outside of organs… "If the human body is well supplied with it (manganese), various tissues, cells and nerves become more ductile, tensile, and elastic" ( The Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jensen). Manganese makes up part of a molecule known as mucopolysaccharides, which are used to form collagen, the strong fibrous connective material that builds tissue, bone, and cartilage. This mesh of collagen is the framework on which calcium, magnesium, and other bone hardening minerals are deposited. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition in which arm tendons are weak or damaged, is a sign of a manganese deficiency. Deafness, if due to damage of the cartilage of the ear, can be attributed partially to a deficiency in manganese. Manganese has a positive effect on the libido by increasing energy levels and the brain’s ability to receive and send messages. It also helps the reproductive organs to work properly because of its effect on tissues and nerves. Production of sex hormones is aided by manganese. It can help reduce menstrual cramps and PMS. Manganese is stored half in the bones and the remainder in the liver, pancreas, pituitary gland, and kidneys.

Some symptoms of a manganese deficiency:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Deafness, Nerve problems, Depression, PMS, Gout, Poor muscle co-ordination, Hearing problems, Retarded growth rate, Infertility, Ringing in ears (Tinnitus), Lack of concentration, Stiff tendons, Loss of libido in both sexes, Stuttering, Memory loss/mental confusion, Tremors, Miscarriages or still births

Natural sources: black walnuts, other raw nuts/seeds, pineapple, blueberries, avocado, cantaloupes, spinach, and the bran/germ of whole grains.

Molybdenum 50 +/- ppm

Molybdenum is a little-known, though essential, trace mineral. It is instrumental in regulating pH balance in the body. For each pH point increase (e.g., 6.1-6.2), the oxygen level is increased ten times, thus increasing the metabolism and enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat.

Although very small amounts are needed, molybdenum is a vital part of three important enzyme systems and is necessary for the proper function of certain enzyme-dependent processes, including the metabolism of iron. When the iron stored in the liver is freed, it can then carry oxygen to body cells and tissue. Molybdenum works with the enzyme systems to help eliminate toxic nitrogen waste by turning it into uric acid. The uric acid then can be converted and more easily flushed out of the system.

Molybdenum promotes general well being, aids in carbohydrate metabolism, has proven itself useful in MSG (or other chemical) sensitivity, increases libido, and may enhance the effect of fluorine in tooth decay prevention (dental enamel is rich in molybdenum). It also induces sleep.

Because of molybdenum’s ability to raise the body’s pH, it may be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, viruses, and parasites. We recommend a beginning dosage of ½ teaspoon molybdenum twice daily in 8 ounces of water. There is no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) established for molybdenum, and it is considered safe up to 15 mg. per day. It has been found to interfere with the absorption of copper.

Some symptoms of a molybdenum deficiency:

Acne, E. coli , AIDS, Eczema, Allergies, Epstein Barr virus, Anemia, Gout, Anthrax, Gulf War Syndrome, Asthma, Hepatitis C, Athlete’s foot, Herpes simplex, Bell’s Palsy, Impotency, Bladder infection, Insomnia, Cancer, Liver damage - Cirrhosis, Candidiasis, Lupus, Canker sores, Lyme Disease, Cavities, Multiple Sclerosis, Contrail/Chemtrail exposure, Obesity, Colds/Flu, Parasites, Depression, Prostate infection, Diabetes, Ringworm

Natural sources: spinach and other leafy, dark green vegetables, cauliflower, whole grains such as oats, buckwheat, and wheat germ, potatoes, legumes (beans and peas), Brewer’s yeast and liver and organ meats.

Platinum 50 +/- parts per million

Platinum is used in the treatment of cancer and as a base in some of the chemotheraputic treatments in conventional hospitals, although not in the proper (natural) form.

In the early 1970’s, platinum was used in the dye in x-rays of women’s breasts. Breast lumps reportedly began shrinking and even disappearing after use of the dye. Many believed the platinum in the dye caused the shrinking and disappearance. Since then, platinum dye has been replaced with radioactive dyes. Platinum may be effective in killing disease- causing bacteria, fungus, viruses, and help boost the immune system.

Some symptoms of a platinum deficiency:

Back pain, Mental alertness, Cancer, Nerve damage, Chronic fatigue, Neuralgia, Gland dysfunction, PMS, Headaches, Poor concentration, Insomnia

Potassium 700 +/- parts per million

Potassium is called the "alkalizer." It neutralizes acids and restores alkaline salts to the blood stream. Potassium works with sodium in all cells including at nerve synapses to maintain or restore membrane potentials and assist in metabolic processes. Potassium is critical to cardiovascular and nerve function, regulating the transfer of nutrients into cells, and facilitating muscle energy. Potassium also regulates water balance, assists recuperative powers, aids rheumatic or arthritic conditions (causing acids to leave the joints and ease stiffness), is vital for the elimination of wastes, is a natural pain desensitizer, helps control convulsions, headaches, and migraines, promotes faster healing of cuts, bruises and other injuries, and generally contributes to a sense of well being. Potassium is stored in the muscles.

Some symptoms of a potassium deficiency:

Bad circulation, Insomnia, Bluish tint to skin, Intestinal pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Muscle weakness, Diabetes, Oppressive breathing, Earaches, Pain in the eyes, Edema, Prolapsed uterus, Headaches, Swollen glands, Heart palpitations, Tissue anemia, Hypertension, Water retention

Natural sources: leafy green vegetables, citrus, bananas, back olives, potato peelings, beets, beans, kelp, whole grains, and seafood.

Selenium 75 +/- parts per million

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that works with Vitamin E in metabolic functions. It promotes normal body growth, enhances fertility, encourages tissue elasticity and is a potent antioxidant that naturally reduces the retention of toxic metals in the body. Selenium is crucial for the proper functioning of the heart muscle and there is evidence that it can help the body fight cancer. The people of Norfolk, England, are said to be among some of the longest-lived. Scientists believe it is due to high concentrations of selenium in the soil. A low level of selenium in soil has long been associated with higher cancer rates. Selenium is stored in muscle and other tissues, as well as in the liver and kidneys.

Some symptoms of a selenium deficiency:

Age/liver spots, Immune deficiencies, Alzheimer’s, Infertility, Anemia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy (MD), Cardiomyopathy ,Muscular weakness, Cirrhosis of the liver, Pancreatic atrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, Pancreatitis, Fatigue, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Premature aging, Heart disease, Scoliosis, Heart palpitations, Sickle cell anemia, HIV (AIDS), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Hot flashes, Some symptoms of excess (toxicity); hinders performance of certain enzymes, can cause hair loss, fever, dermatitis, paralysis, muscular problems, heart problems, increased tooth decay, skin inflammation, nausea, fatigue, liver and kidney impairment.

Natural sources: organ meats (liver, kidney), seafood, whole grains, and many natural foods.

Silver 100 +/- parts per million

Silver has been used for thousands of years for health care. It is believed that silver, is a systemic disinfectant and works like a secondary immune system. Since silver kills only bacteria that is anaerobic or nitrogen breathing, the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract are immune to it due to the fact that they are oxygen breathing, (aerobic). Silver can also neutralize sodium fluoride poisoning.

"What we have actually done was rediscover the fact that silver killed bacteria, which had been known for centuries…when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded."

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.

Some symptoms of a silver deficiency and some diseases where the use of silver may be beneficial:

Anthrax, Gonorrhea, Athlete’s foot, Impetigo, Boils, Infection, Candida, Influenza, Cerebral-spinal meningitis, Intestinal trouble, Colitis, Pneumococci, Cystitis, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Shingles, Diphtheria, Staphylococci ,Diplococcus, Tuberculosis, Dysentery, Warts, E. Coli, Whooping cough

Sulfur 700 +/- parts per million

Sulfur is known as a healing mineral. It aids every cell in the elimination of toxic substances through agitation. Sulfur aids functions in enzyme reactions and protein synthesis and is important in cellular respiration. Sulfur is the flexible bond that connects cells; it is the lubricant found between joints. A deficiency of water-soluble sulfur can lead to a variety of conditions ranging from skin irritations and rashes to total breakdown of cellular regeneration. Pain and inflammation associated with various muscle and skeletal disorders indicate a deficiency of sulfur.

It is believed that sulfur can repair the myelin sheath, the protector on the end of every nerve in the body. Damage to the myelin sheath causes the shaking condition in palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Lorenzo’s Disease and many other disease conditions where motor functions are uncontrollable.

Chronic or severe allergies to materials such as dust, pollen, wool, animal hair, feathers, etc. with symptoms ranging from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, and general discomfort, can be relieved with sulfur. It increases blood circulation, reduces back pain, relieves migraine headaches, promotes muscle healing, scavenges free radicals, beautifies the skin, relieves allergies to food, controls acidity in stomach ulcers, is important for carbohydrate metabolism and speeds wound healing. Sulfur is stored in the brain, nerves, bowel and liver, and in all body cells, especially skin, hair, and nails.

Some symptoms of a sulfur deficiency:

Arthritis, Infection, Asthma ,Migraines, Acne, Muscle pain, Back pain, Nerve disorders, Constipation, Stress, Circulatory problems, Skin disorders, Dry skin, Urinary tract disorders, Free radical damage, Various muscle and skeletal disorders, Inflammation, Wrinkles

Natural sources: kale, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, cranberries, meat, fish, egg yolks, onion, garlic.

Tin 100 +/- parts per million

Tin is concentrated primarily in the adrenal glands but is also found in the liver, brain, spleen and thyroid. Tin is found in the tissue and has many chemical and physical properties similar to those of carbon, silica, germanium and lead. Tin has been implicated in hair loss and hearing loss. Little is known about the functions for tin in humans.

Some symptoms of a tin deficiency:

Hair loss, Male pattern baldness, Hearing loss

Vanadium 100 +/- parts per million

Vanadium regulates the circulatory system, helps reduce cholesterol levels and buildup in the central nervous system, lowers elevated blood sugar and is believed to help reduce the incidence of heart attack. When used in combination with chromium it is found to be very beneficial in dealing with mineral deficiencies found in diabetics and hypoglycemics.

It has been estimated that 80 million Americans exhibit some of the characteristics of diabetes such as insulin resistance, excess insulin release, high triglycerides and high blood sugar. Chronic weight loss or gain, frequent urination, and chronic thirst are warning signs that are indicative of the possible onset of diabetes.

Some symptoms of a vanadium deficiency:

Cardiovascular disease, Infertility, Diabetes, Metabolic dysfunction, High cholesterol, Obesity, Hyperinsulinism, Pancreatic dysfunction, Hypoglycemia

Natural sources: oysters, kelp, gelatin, vegetable oil, soy, sunflower, corn, olive oil, buckwheat, parsley, oats, rice, green beans.

Water of Life 4000 +/- parts per million

Our Water of Life begins as a fossilized kelp product called "Calzyme," a unique and potent blend of natural minerals and calcium salts extracted from the sea and concentrated through decomposition over eons of time.

WaterOz then adds its own blend of "missing elements" to create a finished product that aids and promotes the body’s natural functions, helps promote healthy blood, the strengthening of cell walls, and the proper contraction and relaxation of muscles such as the heart.

The numerous elements that compose our bodies are constantly being used up and must be replenished. Unlike all other WaterOz mineral products targeted to specific health needs, Water of Life contains approximately 84 trace elements, making it the perfect nutritional supplement for overall body maintenance.

Zinc 300 +/- parts per million

A deficiency of zinc can lead to a wide variety of degenerative diseases and illnesses. Zinc deficiency is common due to depletion of our soil and losses associated with food processing. Zinc aids in: the proper assimilation of vitamins, normal growth and development, maintenance of body tissues, sexual function, immune system, chemical detoxification, synthesis of DNA, and helps reduce healing time both before and after surgery. It is an anti-oxidant, and must be in proper balance to assist some 25 enzymes in various functions involving digestion, metabolism, and reproduction.

In the 1800’s surgeons used zinc as an antiseptic/antibiotic after surgery and it was noted for its healing properties. Lack of zinc in pregnant women can result in numerous birth defects such as: Down’s Syndrome, cleft lip, spina bifida, clubbed limbs, hiatal hernia, and umbilical hernias. Zinc is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and is found in all the body fluids, including the moisture in the eyes, lungs, nose, urine, and saliva.

Because zinc moves through all the fluids in the body, it creates a defense against infection-causing bacteria and viruses trying to enter the body and stops bacterial and viral replication. Zinc is stored in the thyroid, pancreas, liver, kidneys, bones, voluntary muscles, prostate, sperm, skin, hair, nails, white blood corpuscles and parts of the eyes.

Some symptoms of a zinc deficiency:

Angina, Herpes, Alzheimer’s, Hypertension, Anemia, Hair loss, Anthrax, Infertility, Alcoholism, Infection, Acne, Libido, Anorexia & Bulimia, Loss of smell and taste, Body odor, Miscarriages, Birth defects, Obesity, Cavities, PMS, Chohn’s Disease, Still births, Depression, Thyroid disorders, Diabetes, Urinary tract infections, Eye diseases, Free radical damage

Natural sources: oysters, red meat, liver, egg yolks, whole grains, nuts, legumes, poultry, seafood, Brewer’s yeast, mushrooms.


“Thanks for the silver…after 2 sessions of antibiotics without results the silver opened my heavily plugged up sinus (one side) due to over 25 years of heavy duty ocean activities. I also regained an energy that I forgot about.”
M. Larronde

“The copper I received seems to be working. I am using it in conjunction with the selenium. My headaches are greatly diminished. I appreciate you caring.”
J. Lambert
(Gulf War Vet.)

“I want to tell you about my positive experience with the Silver Mineral Water. About ten years ago a drunk driver plowed into our car. I was the only one who got hurt. My face is O.K., you can’t tell by just looking at me but…most of my sinus cavities were cracked. My left cheek bone was broken. The doctors could only do so much back then. For 10 years I suffered with: swelling under my eyes, headaches in the middle of my forehead, a very bad cough caused by the post nasal drip, fatigue caused by all that poison going into my system, congested lungs caused by the post nasal drip, and depression. In four days, taking 1 tablespoon of the Silver Mineral Water each day, all of my sinus problems went away, including my congested lungs!!! (I still have lungs. I can breathe now). I don’t know what other good things the Silver Water is doing, but I feel really good.”
S. Clifford

“I am almost 75 years young and I have been using your products for almost a year with great satisfaction. Some of my friends and relatives have also cured annoying sores with the samples I gave them…eyes, ears, nose and throat infections cleared up in a matter of hours, if not in minutes. Skin, head & face sores HEAL COMPLETELY in a short time.”
J. Izso

“I have been taking silver every day for over a year and have not had the flu or a cold. I am 58 years old. A lady I sold a gallon of silver to has had back pain for over ten years every day. The day after she took the silver the back pain went away! The only thing I could imagine was that she had some type of spinal virus.”
G. Beckwith

“I want to state that after only two weeks, I noticed a reduction in the size of the tumor…I am certain that your product has helped to reduce my tumor to about half its size because it almost covered the entire breast. I have noticed the hemorrhaging in my right breast, which I have experienced since my diagnosis of moderately advanced cancer of 1-1/2 years ago. I have also had menopausal menstrual spotting for the last 10 years and it is also abating. For this I am extremely grateful.”
N.L. Brown

“As a clinical practitioner of chiropractic for over 10 years, I have had ample opportunity to see from an empirical standpoint how effective certain products are on my patients. The first WaterOz product I tried in my practice was the Silver Mineral Water. I must tell you that I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked on upper respiratory infections and colds! Patients report that their symptoms abated immediately, with all traces of the infection disappearing within a week. Now, I have had my own nutritional regimen which I use with my patients, and it is very effective, but never have I seen patients’ symptoms vanish so quickly and the healing process speed up so dramatically.

“Additionally, I appreciate the personal attention I get whenever I contact WaterOz. It is nice to deal with people who are personable and care about quality and service. I look forward to working with you and your products in the future. I am eager to discover how your other products perform on my patients.”
Bruce E. Mounsey, D.C.

“This letter is in response to your request as to how the WaterOz products have been working with my patients.
“When using nutritional products it can be very hard to be objective when observing other people. However, since I have been using and studying the “state of the art” nutritional products for over 30 years, I can assure you that I know good products when I see or study them.

“I was also a practicing pharmacist for 9 years before becoming a Chiropractor. I am thus familiar with pharmaceutical grade product in the nutritional industry. When I found your company and talked to Dave Hinkson, I found it was easy to talk to him and how easily he answered all my questions. The next job was to have some of the WaterOz products tested. This was not hard because we have an excellent nutritional company here in Houston by the name of Biotics Research Corp. I was introduced to Biotics Research by some of the research biochemists at M D Anderson Research Hospital and Tumor Institute. They were purchasing enzymes from Biotics Research Corp. to do cancer research. That is how good Biotics Research Corp. is. I have known them for 20 years.

“I took a bottle of WaterOz Silver solution to Biotics for some tests. They told me that these mineral solutions were indeed water soluble. When I inquired how they came to that conclusion, they said it was easy. “We looked at the solutions under a high-powered microscope and could see nothing”, indicating that the minerals were totally in solution.

“With respect to the other products that I had previously used, their taste was horrible, indicating that much of those minerals were not water-soluble and potentially toxic to anyone who used those products.
“ Finally, I might add, the only way minerals can be absorbed into the body’s cells is if they are water soluble. Your WaterOz mineral solutions are indeed water soluble.”
Winston W. Greene D.C.

Stabilized Oxygen

WaterOz stabilized oxygen is the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the liquid electrolytes of oxygen available on the market. WaterOz stabilized oxygen is a liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen, made available to the body, in a molecular form and released upon contact with stomach acid. By providing your bloodstream with molecular oxygen it is possible to kill anaerobic bacteria and other parasites on contact, without harming your tissue or friendly aerobic bacteria. When extra oxygen is released into your blood stream, though minimal when compared to the amount of oxygen you breathe into your lungs, it is very beneficial to your metabolism.

If the body can maintain a robust cellular oxidation, meaning that virtually every cell in your body is functioning well, disease and bacteria are killed. When cell oxidation is diminished, due to stress, pollution and junk foods, the body is opened up to degeneration, fatigue and sickness.

The chlorite molecule is used for a number of important enzymes that help improve cell oxidation. WaterOz stabilized oxygen has specific enzyme enhancing qualities. The most abundant element found in healthy human blood is chlorine, followed by sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and so forth.

When stabilized oxygen hits one’s stomach acid, it breaks it up into elemental sodium and oxygen. When WaterOz stabilized oxygen is diluted in water, the high alkaline pH is rapidly lowered from a pH of 12-13 to about a pH of 8.6. When this happens it causes the separation of chlorite ions and stabilized oxygen molecules (O2) from the sodium atoms. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are released, this reaction destroys microbes in the water, making WaterOz stabilized oxygen a good thing to have on hand when your water source is questionable. WaterOz stabilized oxygen has been proven effective in killing salmonella, cholera, E Coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas and staphyloccus aureus. Our four-ounce bottle yields two 10-drop dosages a day for 60 days.

Body Alkalizer

The Body Alkalizer is essentially a form of liquid that when added to water will change the value thereof to an alkaline. The basis behind this is to reverse the aging that occurs in one’s body because of the accumulation of non-disposed cellular waste in the system. Since waste products are carried out by the blood and disposed of in a liquid form, drinking the proper kind of water is a definite must. Alkaline water works on a cellular level-meaning it causes the waste products accumulated in the cell to be removed from the system via perspiration or urine. It also raises your own pH levels, bringing your body to a more alkalized and thus healthier state.

Water is a very strong solvent. It sustains and even protects life. It carries essential minerals through the body, supplying our cells with the necessary nutrients we so desparately need. It is essential in every aspect of our lives, and because of this, getting the right type of water is vital. Many assume the more pure the water, the better. The truth is, “pure” water (distilled) is dead. Nothing can live in it, and if taken long enough it will leach out valuable minerals from the body such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. What is more important is the right type of water. What is exactly the right type of water? The answer is alkaline. Where can one obtain such water you might ask? WaterOz now offers it in the form of the Body Alkalizer.

A few drops of the Body Alkalizer in a glass of milk neutralizes the lactic acid. It takes 120 drops of the Body Alkalizer to neutralize your soda, and when added to normal bathtub water, (approximately 20 drops) you’ll come out clean as a whistle, no soap required.

This is an amazing product!

Ozone Generator

The WaterOz Ozone Generator is easy to use, inexpensive to operate, and light enough to be moved around the house. Each portable generator is controlled by a simple on-off switch. The Ozone Generator itself is available in two different models: (a) the basic ozone generator and (b) the oxygen-ready model. The basic, stand-alone model can produce up to 1 gram of ozone per hour, while the oxygen-ready model will produce up to 1 gram of oxygen without being attached to an oxygen tank and up to 5 grams of ozone when attached to an oxygen tank.

The WaterOz Ozone Generator has three basic uses: (a) water purification, (b) air purification, and (c) personal health. As a water purifier, the WaterOz Ozone Generator will purify one ounce of water per minute. It will revitalize the taste of stored water, and will not adversely affect the resulting pH. The WaterOz Ozone Generator will clean stagnant water, remove the stale taste of standing water, and eliminate algae. As an air purifier, the WaterOz Ozone Generator will cleanse the air of all known viruses and bacteria. Ozonated air eliminates harmful and unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke and airborne molds. Daily use of the WaterOz Ozone Machine will help to maintain and promote personal health. Not only will exposure to ozone rid the body of fungus infections like athlete’s foot, but ozone has proved favorable in helping control conditions such as acne, chapped skin, and melanoma. Ozone has shown its effectiveness with insect and spider bites. If taken internally, ozonated water has shown positive results upon such varied conditions as ulcers, asthma, and cancer.

The WaterOz Ozone Generator is environmentally safe. Unlike other ozone machines that use high-voltage pulses of electricity and end up producing harmful nitrogen byproducts, the WaterOz Ozone Generator uses unique quartz-crystal technology to avoid production of these harmful by-products.
Ozone is a natural,“super-active” form of oxygen, composed of three molecules bound together. A natural purifier; ozone has the clean, fresh scent that one notices after a heavy rainstorm. Just as nature uses ozone to protect all life on earth from dangerous radiation, so the WaterOz Ozone Generator can be used to help protect the individual against bacteria and viruses. Ozone is produced naturally when the ultra-violet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules high above the earth. Our Ozone Machine uses naturally-occurring crystal forms to generate the same negatively-charged ions.

The WaterOz Ozone Generator produces ozone through the use of a quartz crystal lamp, using a frequency of 180 nanometers. Quartz-generated ozone is negatively-charged; unlike the positive-charged ions which are produced by dangerous, high-voltage machines. Using the negatively-charged ozone ions produced by a WaterOz generator will help one avoid the feelings of depression and fatigue that accompany ozone produced from the high-voltage generators sold by other companies.

As an added benefit of the use of ozone – it will also extend the shelf-life of your fruits and vegetables. Just place the fruit in a bowl of water, attach a fishstone to the end of the plastic tube, and drop the fishstone into the water; allow the machine to run for 15 to 20 minutes.
The WaterOz Ozone Machine comes with a one-year guarantee. In the unlikely event that the machine should break down due to faulty parts, WaterOz will repair the machine for one full year from the date of purchase.
The ozone Generator comes with an on/off switch.

Ozone generator Specifications

1 gram of ozone an hour
Produces negative ions
No nitrogen oxides
Specifications: 120 volts AC .9 amps = 108 watts
Plastic cabinet
Unit dimensions: 7 ½ “H x 7 ½ “ W x 19” L
Weight: 6 lbs.

Ozone generator with oxygen feature specifications
1 gram an hour without oxygen tank
Produces negative ions
No nitrogen oxides
Specifications: 120 volts AC .9 amps = 108 watts
Plastic cabinet
Unit Dimensions: 7 ½ “H x 7 ½ “W x 19” L
Weight: 6 lbs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

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