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For More Pumps, click on:          Hydraulic Ram Pumps                Submersible Pumps


3 Cistern Pumps     Made in USA


Cast Iron Cistern Pump, No rod seal.   2IP 26 lbs $150

High quality with brass cylinder for long life.
Has spigot and rod seal so water can be lifted higher than pump.  
30 lbs  $250
Model without seal and spigot.   FIGT 28 lbs $210


DC Water Pumps
Pump formulas:
PSI = Feet of Head x 0.434   or    Feet of lift = PSI x 2.31

These positive displacement diaphragm pumps with permanent magnet motors are more efficient than standard AC water pumps and can run dry without damage. Provide regular water pressure for home. Pump from very shallow wells, cisterns, creeks, ponds, tanks. Use for garden, livestock, fire protection, camping, etc. Add a standard captive air tank to minimize pump cycling. Power pump from a battery or use 1 or 2 solar modules directly to pump water when the sun shines. A pump controller, such as P630, will increase performance. Motor must be kept dry or motor will be damaged and void warranty. The 120 volt model will work on a 200 watt inverter and can be used with small wire (14 gauge for Flojet, 12 gauge for SHURflo) for long distances (over 1000’).

Flojet Diaphragm Pumps 2 piston diaphragm pump and built-in pressure switch 40-60 psi. A standard pressure switch can be used instead of the built-in switch to operate at 20-40 psi for less energy used and longer pump life. Motor draws more amps at higher pressures. Rated 2 gpm open flow, 1.3 gpm at 60 psi, 115’ lift, up to 8’ self priming with idea conditions. 120 degrees F,  3Ό” x 9”

Pump Valves    20028-008 P043 1 lb $16    Limited Special  $9

Motor Brush Kit 
20115-116 for pumps without fan.       P041  1 lb  $30       Limited Special  $18



SHURflo 2088 Diaphragm Pumps  3 piston diaphragm with pressure switch. Heavier made, quieter, faster, smoother and easier to rebuild than Flojet. 12 and 24 volt rated about 3.6 gpm open flow, 2 gpm at 45 psi, 104’ lift, 12’ self-priming with good conditions. About 10” long.

12 volt, 3-13 amps, 2088-514-145, has heat sink, P115 12 lbs $198

24 volt, 3 gpm, 1.5-3.5 amp, 2088-474-144, lighter duty, P121 12 lbs  $155
24 volt, Premium Marine 3.6gpm, 1.5-6 amps, 573-534, large motor coated with sealing plastic, P120 14 lbs $250
115 volt AC, 0.5-1 amp, 2088-594-154, lighter duty, P125 12 lbs $160
Garden hose adapter fitting, connects a garden hose to the pump  TA794 1 lb $5      Limited Special  $2
Diaphragm and Drive Kit, 94-238-03, P140  2 lbs $35   
Valve Kit, 94-232-00, P141 1 lb $25   Limited  Special  $20
Intake Filter Screen, screws on to pump outlet, P143 1 lb $25       Limited Special  $19


12 volt Hot Water   Circulating Pumps

Leak-proof magnetic drive with long life, brushless motor. For solar water collectors, wood stoves, propane water heaters, and tanks, heating compost toilets, floors or other closed loop, low flow applications. Can operate directly from solar module without battery or controls and pump proportional to the sun’s brightness.

EL-SID Pumps     Solar Hot Water, Radiant Floor Heating, Fountains, Aeration, Wood Stoves/Furnace/Boiler.  PV = solar direct,  B = battery

DC pumps have an advantage over AC pumps. They are more efficient and can be independent of power line power. This advanced design is brushless, highly efficient, magnetic coupled drive, no maintenance, no shaft and shaft seal leakage, no fan, 250F degree temperature maximum, 175 psi maximum, vertical or horizontal mounting, 1/2" NPT Male connection.  PV models are used solar direct. B12 models  are connected to a 12 volt battery. Okay to use the PV model on a battery but it will run slower. Do not run a battery model PV direct. The voltage will be to high for it. 
A common AC to DC wall adapter power supply is used for AC operation. Use a fast blow fuse (3AG-312.xxx) with battery models. PV watts will vary depending on available sunlight and if using Glycol. Glycol takes more energy to pump, so use the higher PV watts. Keep the voltage under 20 volts for the 12 volt PV pumps. Long life expectancy - some might last 10 - 20 years. Indoor or protection use only.
We have an optional plastic pump body which is suitable for use with cold water systems such as aquariums, aquaculture, hydroponics or corrosive salt water environments.
Common uses:
5PV for two 4X10 solar heating panel or one panel if using Glycol antifreeze.
10PV for three 4x10 solar heating panels or two 4x10 panels if using Glycol antifreeze.
10B for Radiant Floor Heating, use 1 pump per standard size zone.
20B12 will need a 30 watt PV module for flat plate solar collectors and 40 watt PV module for vacuum solar collectors.


Max Flow
 with no lift
Watts PV Watts Max Head Lift @ Flow Rate Volts Max Volts Fuse Model Lbs  Price
2.5 gpm, 5 5-10 2.2 feet 2' @ 1 gpm 17 19   SID5PV 4 $280
3.3 gpm 10 10-20 3.5 feet 2 '@ 2.6 gpm 17 19   SID10PV  4 $280
3.3 gpm 10   3.5 feet 2' @ 2.6 gpm 14 16 1A SID10B12 4 $280
3.3 gpm 10   3.5 feet 2' @ 2.6 gpm 20-30 35 0.5A SID10B24 4 $350
6 gpm 20   7 feet 4' @ 4 gpm 14 16   SID20B12 4 $380
6 gpm 20 30-40 7 feet         SID20PV 4 $380
Differential Temperature Controller for EL-SID pumps.
Prevents pump from running when the solar collector water temperature is cooler than the storage tank temperature. This increases system performance. Controller mounts on pump and includes two temperature sensors. Tank sensor is rated 3100 ohms has ceramic magnet. Panel sensor is rated 4100 ohms. Typical turn-on delta of 12 degrees and turn-off delta of 8 degrees. The removable connector terminal has connections for power, pump, tank sensor and panel sensor.  2" x 2-3/4"
For 12 volt battery or 12 volt PV Delta12  2 lbs  $160
For 24 volt battery pump model  Delta24  2 lbs  $170


Solar Force Water Pumps          
Ultra-Efficient, Heavy Duty, Long Life Piston Pump.

Reliable and rugged with 20+ life expectancy. Simple 2-6 year service interval. Tolerates dirty water. Up to 25’ suction lift at sea level for shallow wells or cisterns. Pushes water 200’ or 87 psi. Has belt drive so it can also be powered in emergency by a gas engine, pedal power or hand lever. Use with standard captive air pressure tank. Available in DC or AC. AC versions uses low-surge PM motor than greatly reduces starting surge, inverter size and wire size requirements. Inlet is 1Ό”, outlet is 1”. 22” x 13” x 16” high. 2 year warranty. 100 lbs   Specification sheet is available. A surge tank is included to  absorbs pulsations.

Battery Powered Models for Water Pressurizing

12 volt. 5 gpm, 60 psi, 77-226 watts,  3010-12B   $3100     Special $1850

12 volt.
5 gpm, 100 psi, 110-314 watts,  3020-12B   $4100     Special $2450
24 volt.
5 gpm, 100 psi, 110-314 watts,  3020-24B   $4000     Special $2390
48 volt. 5 gpm, 100 psi, 110-314 watts,   3020-48B  $4000     Special $2390

12 volt. 9 gpm, 60 psi,   168-403 watts,   3040-12B  $4300    Special $2550
24 volt. 9 gpm, 60 psi,   168-403 watts,   3040-24B  $4200     Special $2500
48 volt. 9 gpm, 60 psi,   168-403 watts,   3040-48B  $4160     Special $2580

EZ Installation Kit Includes Heavy Duty Pressure Switch, Tank Tee, Nipple, Hose Bib, Check Valve, Pressure Gauge, Ball Valve (filter not included).  EZ3000 10lbs. $370  Special $220

Solar-Direct Models    pumps when the sun is bright

The rated power of the PV array must 20% or more of the pump watts. A pump controller (linear current booster) is required for the pump to start and run in varying light conditions. A solar tracker may be used to increase daily yield (40-55% in summer).

3020-12PV   $2900
3020-24PV   $2850
3020-48PV   $2600

3040-12PV   $3000
3040-24PV   $2950
3040-48PV   $2950

              115 volt and 230 volt AC Models   

115 volt 5 gpm, 100 psi,                  3020-115VAC  $4100     Special $2450
230 volt 5 gpm, 100 psi,                  3020-230VAC  $4100     Special $2450

115 volt
9 gpm, 60 psi,                   3040-115VAC  $4250     Special $2550
230 volt
9 gpm, 60 psi,                   3020-230VAC  $4250     Special $2550

Accessories - Specify Pump Model

Foot Valve 11044 1-1/4" 3 lbs $60
Seal & Belt Kit, Spare gaskets, rod and valve seals, 2 sets of piston seals, and belt.  SK-3020B 6 lbs $70    SK-3040B 6 lbs
Seal & Belt Kit, Spare gaskets, rod and valve seals, 2 sets of piston seals, and belt. SK-3020PV 10 lbs $120    SK-3040PV 10 lbs
Long-Term Parts, Spare gaskets, rod and valve seals, 2 sets of piston seals, 2 belts, motor brushes, cylinder sleeve, 2 oil changes.   PK-3020B 25 lbs $170   PK-3040B 25 lbs $190
Long-Term Parts,  Spare gaskets, rod and valve seals, 2 sets of piston seals, 2 belts, motor brushes, cylinder sleeve, 2 oil changes. PK-3020PV 25 lbs $220  PK-3040PV  25 lbs $250

Solar Slowpumps
info sheet available

The Dankoff Solar Slowpump is less expensive than submersible DC pumps, and made in a wide range of sizes. Any of the Slowpump models can operate directly off of solar panels or batteries. They can be operated at half of their rated voltage which provides half the rated flow and requires half the required wattage for a given lift. This means that your Slowpump installations are expandable and very flexible. We also have AC Slowpump for installations where efficiency is paramount but the power comes from the utility company, a generator or an inverter. The Slowpump can also be used to pressurize in applications where the lift requirements are higher than our FLowlight Booster pump can do. Wearing parts typically last 5 to 10 years. Overall life expectancy is 15-20 years. All Slowpumps require filtration of up to 10 microns and must not run dry.

Use Solar-Electric Power to provide 200-2,600 Gallons per Day (750-10,000 ltrs.) from shallow water sources. Slowpump can lift water as high as 450 vertical feet (137m).


DC Booster Pump

Rotary vane positive displacement pump is more quiet than diaphragm pumps and has a smooth flow with higher GPM. Pressure output is equal to 100’ high storage tank. An inlet filter must be used to protect precision pump parts. A foot valve should be use to keep pump primed. Pump will be damage if ran dry. Designed for use with a pressure tank. Maximum lift from storage tank to pump is 10’. Use low flow model if total dynamic head is greater than 50 psi or existing suction pipe is less than 1” or you expect frequent filter clogging due to dirty water. 15-20 year life with 5-10 year overhauls.   Pump shown with installation kit. Uses .6 watt-hours per gallon at 30 psi, and 1.1 watt-hours per gallon at 65 psi.

 Installation Kit,  Pump,  10" Filter

Standard Speed Pump  Model 2920 1800 RPM 4.5 - 4.1 gpm at 30 - 65 psi

12 volt, 13-22 amps at 30-65 psi,  5.5 gpm at 40 psi,     P301  21 lbs $1300  Special  $800
24 volt, 6.5-11 amps at 30-65 psi,  5.5 gpm at 40 psi,   P302   21 lbs  $1300  Special $800
48 volt,
5.5 gpm at 40 psi,                                            P307  32 lbs  $1300  Special $800
115 VAC, 1.7-2.9 amps at 30-65 psi, 5.5 gpm at 40 psi,  P303 21 lbs $1730  Special $1050

Low Speed Pump   Model 2910 1200 RPM 3.4 - 2.7 gpm at 30 - 65 psi

12 volt, 10-15 amps at 30-65 psi, 3.3 gpm at 40 psi,   P304 21 lbs  $1200   Special $690
24 volt, 5-7.5 amps at 30-65 psi,  3.3 gpm at 40 psi,,  P305 21 lbs  $1200  Special $690


10” Inline Filter & Cartridge Housing is suitable for use on pump suction as compared to some units more suitable for pressure and not suction.DSP11033 6 lbs $99
10” Replacement Cartridge, 2 pack, DSP11034   3 lbs $11
30" inline Filter, Cartridge and check Valve. This filter is made with a perforated pipe wrapped with filter media. This filter media is not enclosed in a housing. The whole filter must be submerged to prevent air getting into the pipe.  A check valve is on outlet end of filter.  DSP11035 10 lbs $99
30" Replacement filter,
3 pack, DSP11036  4 lbs  $45
Dry Run Switch
 DSP02527 3 lb $130

Booster Pump Installation Kit

Parts you need to quickly install pump, includes accessory tee, adjustable pressure switch, pressure gauge, check valve, drain valve, shut-off valve, pipe nipples and tubing. P306 15 lbs $150


Float Switch
Plastic float with 15’ cord. Cord is anchored to a pipe or to edge of the water tank or cistern. Switch operates when water level rises above or drops below anchor point. 10 amps. JS models use a sealed mercury switch. MM are non-mercury and okay for potable water.
Contacts open on water rise. JSU  3 lbs  $55            
Contacts close on water rise.  JSD  3 lbs $55   Limited Special $39
Contacts open on water rise. MMU 3 lbs $70             
Contacts close on water rise. MMD 3 lbs $70


SunCentric               High Volume Centrifugal Surface

Up to 50,000 gallons per day from shallow water sources. Use for irrigation, livestock, domestic water, pond management, water treatment, swimming pools, solar water heating, hydronic space heating, fire protection, etc. Electronic pump controller not required. Can be powered solar electric direct or from battery system. Suction limit is 10’ vertical at sea level—subtract 1’ for every 1000’ elevation. 12-48 volts, 100-1400 watts, cast iron body, 140ΊF or 212ΊF, permanent magnet motor, 2 year warranty by manufacturer. Ask for pump selection guide.   50-70 lbs.    $1900 - $2300


Pump Controllers                     More power for solar direct driven pumps.

Tracks maximum power point of solar modules so pump runs in lower light. Pump runs earlier in morning and later in evening and with heavier overcast. Up to 30% more water is pumped. Has connection for float or dry switch and voltage limited output. Connects between pump and solar modules.

7 amp,  12/24 volt,  P630 4 lbs.  $150       Special $125

15 amp 
12/24 volt  9 lbs  $300    Special $275

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