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Solar Charge Controllers, Water Heating Elements, Diversion Loads

Solar Charge Controllers  These regulate power from solar electric modules protecting batteries from overcharge and shortening life of battery and electric loads. Battery voltage is monitored and when proper voltage is reached the controller stops or reduces charging. Controllers also prevent nighttime discharge of batteries into solar modules. Don’t overload controllers. Allow for the extra amps solar modules produce with reflected light and cold temperatures.

Solar Boosting Controllers   Get 10-30% more power from your PV modules when modules are cold or batteries are low!

DIY MPPT 60 amp Solar Charge Controller with 20 amp Load Controller
For 12, 24, 36, 48 volt battery and can auto detect battery voltage. Lithium battery compatible. 150VDC max. input. Maximum Input Wattage: 800w/12v, 1600w/24v, 2400w/36v, 3200w/48v. No load loss is 0.7 to 1.2 watts. Up to 99% efficiency. 20-30% more efficient than PWM controllers. Has over current protection allowing for more PV watts than the unit can process. Will reduce charge rate to prevent over heating. Has LCD meter display. Nighttime reverse current protection. Rear heat sink. Also has battery voltage sensing terminals. 11.22" x 8.07" x 3.66" 2 year warranty by MidNite Solar. Made in China. Optional Blue Tooth dongle for cell phone connectivity.
Charge Controller  C072 9 lbs $450 Special $413
Blue Tooth Dongle Adapter
For MNMPPT60DIY to connect to android or apple phone. With the phone app you can monitor the charge controller's activity, review logs and also program the charging and load functions. Standby power is 0.04 watt, run power is 0.05 watt, communication distance up to about 50' depending on obstacles.
 Blue Tooth Dongle C073 1 lb $39

Classic MPPT Charge Controller for Solar, Hydro, Wind     By MidNIte Solar         Made in USA

 Help decide which model you need by clicking on Classic Sizing Tool

For 12 to 72  volt  Battery. Built in DC-GFP and Arc Fault Detector ETL listed to UL1741 and CSA, 14.87” x 5.95” x 4.00”

Classic 150
with up to 150 volts DC input, up to 96 amps output, 12-93 Battery Charge voltage  C060 15 lbs $865

Classic 200 with up to 200 volts DC input, up to 79 amps output, 12-93 Battery Charge voltage  C061 15 lbs  $865

Classic 250 with up to 250 volts DC input, up to 63 amps output,12-93 Battery Charge voltage  C062 15 lbs  $975

1. Models with 150, 200 or 250VDC input
2. HyperVOC mode (add the battery voltage to the operating voltage for VOC rating)
3. Solar, Wind and Hydro MPPT modes
4. Get 50‐250% more power from hydro and wind turbines
5. Learning mode for Solar, Wind and Hydro
6. User programmable for most all battery charging wind turbines (may require the Clipper)
7. Built in String sizing program
8. Suggested PV combiner and breaker model numbers depending on configuration selected
9. Suggested wire size in AWG and Metric
10. Built in Battery capacity sizing program
11. Built in voltage drop calculator for PV wiring in AWG and Metric
12. Knows when sun up and sundown are to take place anywhere in the world
13. Ethernet jack calls out to the MidNite Server for free and secure data monitoring and logging
14. Industry standard ModBus open architecture
15. Can hook up wirelessly via Wi‐Fi bridge to communicate to an in house Wi‐Fi router
16. Snow melting mode automatic or manual local or over the internet
17. Arc fault detector reduces threat of fire
18. Built in DC‐GFP without the hassle of fuses
19. Graphics display panel can be removed and relocated (Dummy filler display available)
20. USB port for uploading firmware updates and data logging to a PC or Mac
21. Graphics display turns into an oscilloscope
22. Battery voltage supported up to 72 for the Classic150, 200 and 250. 120 volts for Classic250KS
23. Works with the MidNite Clipper for over‐speed control of wind turbines
24. Two aux outputs: 1 dry contact relay and one 12v output/ input (anemometer or?)
25. Voice prompts and help screens in English, Spanish and French
26. 32 megabytes of onboard storage
27. Parallel operation to make one large controller out of many regular Classics
28. Snap on covers and hole plugs allow sealed or vented operation
29. Buck or Boost DC to DC converter operation available soon
Replacement Battery Temperature Sensor is used with the Classic for more accurate battery charging. This is needed if the battery temperature varies. One sensor is included with Classic Charge Controller. MNBTS  2 lb $34

Warranty MidNite Solar's Classic comes with a standard 5 year warranty. The factory will repair or replace the Classic at no charge to the consumer during this 5 year period

End of Warranty tune up MidNite Solar offers an industry first, an extended warranty for all the Classic MPPT charge controllers. Six months prior to the end of the warranty period customers can ship their Classic back to MidNite Solar with a check for $147 dollars plus shipping and we will replace any wearable parts and do a general tune-up. This will extend the warranty by 2 additional years, another good reason to purchase a Classic.



Classic LITE  MPPT Charge Controller
for Solar, Hydro, Wind  
Made in USA

Similar to above Classic. Lower cost Classic Lite models do not have the fancy graphic display panel. Instead they have six LED lights indicating current limit, ground fault, bulk, absorption, float and equalize. User friendly dip switches for battery voltage setup. Connect to your computer and internet with Ethernet cable or use optional MNGP (graphic display panel) to access up to 380 days of daily logged information.

Classic 150 SL with up to 150 volts DC input, up to 96 amps output, 12-93 Battery Charge voltage  C068 15 lbs $785
Classic 200 SL with up to 200 volts DC input, up to 79 amps output, 12-93 Battery Charge voltage  C069 15 lbs  $795
Classic 250 SL with up to 250 volts DC input, up to 63 amps output,12-93 Battery Charge voltage  C070 15 lbs  $930

MidNite Graphics Panel is standard with Classic. Add this to the Classic LITE to make it a full featured Classic.  MNGP  3 lbs  $264

Watt hours per day performance comparison
 between MidNite, Outback and Xantrex MPPT charge controllers
Classic 150
XW 60
Day 1 2163 Wh 1956 Wh 2084 Wh
Day 2 3852 Wh 3534 Wh 3446 Wh
Day 3 3924 Wh 3728 Wh 3380 Wh
Day 4 5025 Wh 4665 Wh 4617 Wh
Day 5 817 Wh 658 Wh 791 Wh
Day 6 818 Wh 664 Wh 786 Wh
Day 7 4598 Wh 4090 Wh 3276 Wh

                      Links for more Classic Charge Controller Information

Classic Charge Controller Menu Items
bulletIntro to Menu Items
bulletStatus Menu
bulletCharge Menu
bulletMode Menu
bulletAux 1 and Aux 2
bulletMisc Menu
bulletLogging Menu
bulletTweaks Menu
bulletTemp Menu
bulletNet Menu
     Classic How To Videos
bulletProgramming a Wind Curve
bulletRestoring Factory Defaults on the Classic
bulletSetting Arc & Ground Fault on the Classic
bulletEqualizing Batteries with the Classic
bulletVariMax and how to use it.
bulletClassic Rick Mode
bulletT-Comp, Using and Programming
bulletHydro Mode Programming

     Classic MPPT Charge Controllers

bullet Classic Installation
bullet Classic Control Board Swap
bulletThe Classic Component Integration
bullet Classic/Classic Lite Comparison
bullet Programming a Wind Curve
bullet Hooking up Ethernet to the Classic
bullet Jacks and Jumpers of the Classic/Classic Lite
bullet Classic/Classic Lite Local Application Software
    Classic Lite MPPT Charge Controller
bullet Classic Lite Installation
bullet Classic/Classic Lite Comparison
bullet Hooking up Ethernet to the Classic Lite
Classic and Classic Lite features comparison table  
Classic Sizing Tool
MorningStar SunSaver MPPT 15 amp  12 or 24 Volt Battery Charging.

The SunSaver MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller is designed for 12 and 24 VDC battery charging from a PV array with a maximum open circuit voltage of 75 VDC. Use up to three 36-cell PV modules in series or a single 60-cell or 72-cell module to provide up to 200 W when charging a 12 VDC battery or up to 400 W when charging a 24 VDC battery. Maximizes the output of the PV array by rapidly finding the array’s peak power point with extremely fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve, providing an estimated 5-25% power boost over PWM or simple on-off controllers, especially during periods of colder temperatures and low battery voltages when it is most needed.

The controller features electronic protection from short circuit, over current, reverse polarity, high temperature, high voltage, lightning, and transient surges. An adjustable low-battery load disconnect protects the battery from over-discharge. LED indicators indicate charging, low-battery and faults. The optional meter provides detailed system information, 30 days of logged data, alarms, and faults.

SSMPPT-15 3 lbs $383

Has a simple DIP-switch setup for plug-and-play operation or is fully programmable for custom and advanced programming with a PC connection using the PC MeterBus Adapter (MSC) and Morningstar’s MSView software (available for free on Morningstar’s website). Also compatible with Morningstar’s MeterHub. The UMC-1 communications adapter converts the Morningstar MeterBus RJ-11 electrical interface to a standard USB 2.0 interface which allows communication between a Morningstar charge controller or inverter and a PC computer.
Programmable lighting control for up to four time periods and is adjustable with respect to hours/minutes after/before – Dusk/Dawn/Solar Midnight/Solar Noon. Mounts on DIN rail with DIN-1 rail clip. 6.6"H x 2.75"W x 2.2"D, 5-year warranty.
MorningStar TriStar MPPT   12, 24, 36, 48 Volt Battery Charging.
Rated for a maximum input voltage of 150 volts DC. A Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) is included. 11.4" high, 5.1" wide, 5.6" deep. 5 year warranty.

TS-MPPT30 30 amp  10 lbs $559
TS-MPPT45 45 amp  10 lbs $787
TS-MPPT60 60 amp  10 lbs $883
TS-MPPT60M 60 amp with meter 10 lbs $1099


OutBack   MPPT Solar Charge Controller   For 12,  24,  32,  36,  48,  54, 60  volt  Battery

PV Charge,  Diversion,   DC to DC Converter,  Meter                             Remote Temperature Sensor with 20’ cable RTS 1 lb $96

FM60 60 amp, 14 lbs  $700                 FM80 80 amp, 14 lbs  $845

The FM60 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller is rated at 60 amps of DC output from 12 to 48 vdc with PV open circuit voltage as high as 145 vdc. Setpoints are fully adjustable to allow use with virtually any battery type or charging profile. Can be used as diversion controller or as a DC to DC converter to charge 12 battery from 24 volt or higher battery system.
Use a higher voltage PV array with a lower voltage battery - such as charging a 12 or 24 vdc battery with a 48 vdc PV array. This reduces wire size and power loss from the PV array to the battery/inverter location. Includes a four line by 20 character backlight LCD display for setup and monitoring of the PV array and battery system. Use the OutBack Mate controller/monitor for a remote display. Connects with ethernet computer cable (RJ45 Modular Connector CAT 5 Cable 8 wire). One OutBack Mate can monitor eight FM60 controllers up to 300 feet away. The output current to the battery is limited to 60 amps continuous to prevent tripping of the over current protection. So if you want to have a 48 vdc nominal PV array charging a 12 vdc battery, the input current would be about 12 amps at 60 VDC with about 60 amps at 12 vdc output. The physical size of the FM60 is close to the size of a C40 and has knockouts in the same locations as a C40 to allow easy replacement and upgrading with existing systems. The front surface of the enclosure the heat sink and it includes a small cooling fan to improve operation at high ambient temperatures. 5 year warranty, FM60 is 14.5” H, 5.75” W, 5.75”D    FM80 is about 3" taller. Made in India
Non-MPPT Charge Controllers are listed below

Sun Guard
4.5 amp 12 volt
by Morningstar

Made in Singapore.

SunSaver        by Morningstar

A low cost constant voltage pulse width modulation (PWM) charge controller. Field selectable for sealed or flooded batteries. Electronics are epoxy encapsulated in aluminum case. Has built-in temperature compensation for more accurate charging. LED indicators for charging and load control in low voltage disconnect (LVD) models. LVD models disconnect load on low voltage to protect the battery. 12v battery: 30 volt maximum input. 24v battery 60 volt maximum input. 5 year warranty. 6” x 2.2” x 1.3”

Use with 65 watt or smaller solar module in very small systems. PWM regulates to 14.1 volts. Temperature compensated. Low 6 mA self-consumption. Outdoor rated wires - 2 for solar and 2 for battery, 5 year warranty, 1.5”x 2”x 2.5”.   C272 2 lb $55

                            12 Volts

6 amp,  12 volt                             C273  2 lbs  $95

6 amp,  12 volt, LVD 6 amps         C274  2 lbs  $99

10 amp, 12 volt, LVD 10 amps     C276  2 lbs  $115
20 amp, 12 volt, LVD 20 amps     C278   2 lbs $172

24 Volts


10 amp, 24 volt, LVD 10 amps     C277  2 lbs   $132
20 amp,
24 volt, LVD 20 amps     C279  2 lbs  $



TriStar Controller    45 or 60 amp     12, 24, 48 volt  by Morningstar       Shown with optional meter.  Computer is required to change voltage to 32 or 36 volts.
Use 3 ways, one mode at a time. Two or more controllers may be used for multiple functions.

Mode 1. PV Charge Controller  Connects between PV modules and battery to prevent overcharge and nighttime loss. Constant voltage series charging with bulk, PWM regulation, float and equalize. Parallel for large arrays up to 300 amps.
Mode 2. Diversion Controller
Connects between battery and a suitable DC resistive load such as water heater or air heater elements. Protects battery from overcharge from Solar, Wind or Hydro power.
Mode 3. Load Controller 
Connects between battery and DC load to protect battery or load from low voltage. Low voltage disconnect (LVD) is current compensated with delay to avoid false disconnects. Starts large loads including motors with up to 300 amp startup current.

Large heat sink, no need to derate amps. Has connection for battery voltage sensing wires for better accuracy. 9 volt minimum operation voltage, 125 volt maximum solar voltage. 20mA self-consumption. 7.5 mA meter self-consumption. Protection for reverse polarity, short-circuit, over-current, high temperature, transient voltage surges. 3 LEDs for status, faults, alarms. Push button for manual reset, start/stop battery equalization or load disconnect. RS-232 computer connector for custom settings such as 36 volt, data logging and remote monitoring and control. Conformal coated circuit board for humidity and insect protection. Accepts #2 wire. Conduit knockouts fits on power panels. UL listed. 5 year warranty. 10.3” x 5” x 2.8”
45 amp 6 lbs $265        
60 amp 6 lbs $366

PSRTP Remote Temperature Probe, for more accurate battery regulation. Recommended if battery temperature is more than 9 degrees different from controller. 33’ cable, user can extend up to 100’ 3 lbs $64
is easy to navigate through 26 screens of information with 4 buttons. System and controller information, data logging, bar graphs and choice of 5 languages.
Meter, mounts on controller       2 lbs $157
Remote Meter with 100’ cable 5 lbs $196


Ultra High Efficiency      
Made in USA by Flexcharge™             High Reliability
Low Noise - No EMI or RFI to interfere with sensitive radio, navigation or other electronics.
Begins charging at 5mA
Charges low or 0 volt batteries with full available power.
Diversion for Wind, Hydro or Solar
Expandable in increments of 35a, 60a or 100a up to 2000a.
Very low night time loss <5mA.
99.5% charge efficiency.
Batteries usually last longer with less water loss
Use with Lead Acid - Flooded, Gel or AGM batteries
Energy State Taper Charge Process explained

PV7D Controller

NCHC controller with charge contactor and optional diverting contactor.

 Owners Manuals   

Warranty Model No. Shipping
Price      Special   Price
7 amp, 12 volts for single or dual battery banks. Expandable 35a to 500a. Charge Divert option. 2 years PV7D 2 $100 $75
25 amp, 12 volts 5 years NC25A12 3 $160 $135
25 amp, 24 volts 5 years NC25A24  3 $165 $140
25 amp, 48 volts 5 years NC25A48  3 $180 $155
35 amp,  Specify Voltage: 12, 24, 36, 48 volts    Model No.  XX = Volts 5 years NCHC35XX 4 $280 $250
60 amp,  Specify Voltage: 12, 24, 36, 48 volts    Model No.  XX = Volts 5 years NCHC60XX 4 $310 $277
100 amp, Specify Voltage: 12, 24, 36, 48 volts    Model No.  XX = Volts 5 years NCHC100XX 4 $420 $390
  Contactors       NO = Normally Open contacts, NC = Normally Closed Contacts          
  35 amp NC for charging   35NCDH 3 $75 $69
  35 amp NO for diverting   35NODH 3 $70 $65
  60 amp NC for charging   60NCDH 3 $105 $97
  60 amp NO for diverting   60NODH 3 $104 $96
  100 amp NC for charging   100NCDH 3 $190 $177


Xantrex C35, C40, C60 Controller         Use as Charge Controller or Diversion Regulator (but only one mode at a time)

Solar Charge Controller  PWM, series constant voltage 3-stages charging: full amps to bulk voltage, then tapers amps for absorption then to lower float voltage. Monthly auto or manual equalize charge or can be defeated for sealed batteries. Shown with optional digital meter.

DC Diversion Regulator  Divert extra power not needed to charge battery and make hot water or space heat. In this mode, controller is connected between battery and electric dump load you provide (see below water heater elements and air heater resistors). Use to regulate hydroelectric, wind generators or PV (blocking diode needed with PV).
Also has Load Control mode. Operates in one mode at a time. Controller has short-circuit, overload, over temperature, lightning protection. Blinking LED shows status. Indoor mounted, powder coated, conduit-ready box. Can be mounted on top of a DC Disconnect Circuit Breaker Box. Accepts #2 wire. 9”x 5”x 2”.  2 year warranty by Xantrex.

Optional LCD Digital Meter Display  Displays battery volts, charge amps and total amp hours delivered from solar modules since last reset. The front mount display is no longer available, only the remote display is available. Flush mount into a rectangular opening in a panel/wall or surface mount using a double-gang, non-metallic outlet box.

Optional Temperature Sensor with 15’ cable. Monitors battery temperature for more accurate charging, better battery life, and less water loss. Important to use if batteries are not at room temperature year round. Easy plug-in connector.  Not always available.

C35 35 amps, 12/24 volt,     C016   4 lbs $119
C40 40 amps, 12/24/48 volt, C010  4 lbs $169
C60 60 amps, 12/24 volt,      C017  4 lbs $199

Remote digital meter, 50’ wire, C012  5 lbs $119

Temperature Sensor (sometimes not available) C015 1 lb  $75


   Blocking Diodes     Use between solar modules and Charge Controller for better module output when modules are shaded or of mixed sizes. Also used between solar modules and battery to prevent night time discharge on systems without controllers or with diversion regulators such as C40.

6 amps, 1000 volt Blocking diode. Recommended for all multiple module systems. Use on each PV module to improve performance when modules are shaded or of difference sizes. Tree leaves, dirt and bird droppings commonly cause shading that is not obvious. Two diodes may be connected in parallel for up to 9 amps. Diodes are often mounted in PV Module junction box.  C053 0.3 lb $6    

2.5 amps,12-24 volt, Schottky type. C050  0.3 lb $6

Diversion Loads

Water Heating Elements  12 - 48 volt

About 20% of the energy used in a home is for hot water.  Some of this can be supplied by a solar or woodstove heater. Excess electricity from a wind generator or PV modules can also be used for water heating. Use one or more of these elements as a diversion load with Flexcharger,  Xantrex C35, C40, C60 or TriStar 45, 60 controllers. They fit most standard water heaters with screw-in elements. An adapter is used for the square flange type element. 150 watt hours will raise 1 gallon of water about 60º. Elements extend about 7" beyond the 1" male pipe threads on 1.5" hex head.
Each element has two elements that can be wired in series, parallel or used individually for a wattage range of 204, 406 and 817 watts.
The dual 12/24 volt element has two separate 14 volt,  29 amp, 408 watts, 0.48 Ohm elements.
For 12 volts: Two elements wired in series for 14.6 amp, 204 watts, 0.96 Ohms.
                     Use one element for for 29 amps 408 watts
                     Two elements in parallel for 58 amps, 817 watts, 0.24 Ohms.
For 24 volts: Two elements wired in series for 29 amps,  817 watts, 0.96 Ohms.
D380 12/24 volt Dual 29 amp, 0.48 Ohms 3 lbs $150       Limited  Special  $89 

The dual 24/48 volt element has two separate 24 volt, 22 amp, 632 watts, 1.24 Ohm elements. It can be wired for 22 or 44 amps at 28 volts or 22 amps, 1265 watts, 2.48 Ohms on 56 volts. Order enough elements with a total current draw greater than your charging system’s maximum output, but no more than 75% maximum amp rating of controller.
D381 24/48 volt Dual 22 amp, 1.24 Ohms 3 lbs $495     


Air Heater Diversion Load

12 volt, 30 amp  RES/DVRT12     8 lbs    $150   
12 volt, 15 amp  DVRT12/15       8 lbs     $100   
24 volt, 15 amp  RES/DVRT24     8 lbs    $150   

Air Heater Box for Diversion Loads

Use with a voltage controlled relay or diversion controller such as Trace C35 or C40 for 30 amp models & C60 for 30 amp or 60 amp models. Heating elements are mounted in vented aluminum box with wiring terminals. 2 year warranty from factory. Box can get very hot. It should be mounted at least 12" from flammable materials. (Not always available)

HL-100 is shipped as a 4 ohm resistor and can be reconfigured as a 1, 0.5, or 0.25 ohm resistor  by easily changing connections in the terminal block. Can handle 3.5 - 60 amps on 12 volts, 7-30 amps on 24 volts, 15 amps on 48 volts. 16" x 9" x 4"  HL-100 10 lbs  $400

HL-75 is shipped as a 3 ohm resistor and can be changed to 0.75 ohm. Rated 4.7-20 amps on 12 volts, 9.3-40 amps on 24 volts, 20 amp on 48 volts. 16" x 9" x 4"  HL-75  10 lbs $400


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