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DC Fans and Coolers 

     12 inch  Freedom Fan     12 volt DC         Made in USA    For Home, Shop, RV, Camping, Outdoors

12 inch  Variable Speed Control Nicely built, lightweight, efficient, quiet and powerful, makes a good breeze. Adjustable tilting base can be wall mounted. Includes 6' cord with both lighter plug and battery clips. Can be used directly with a solar module. Draws 1.25 amps on low and 2.9 amps on high. 1100 CFM maximum. A 5 amp GMA 5mm x 20mm glass fuse is between motor and switch. Not weatherproof, do not allow fan to get wet.
12" 18 lbs $160    Special  $149
F030 12" with 2 speed switch instead of variable speed control, 1.25 amp on low, 2.9 amp on high. 18 lbs  $129 

Replacement Parts
    2 lbs $48
Speed Control  CA124  1 lb  $39
Fan Blade          FB124  4 lbs $15

20 inch   Variable Speed  Freedom Fan 12 volt DC    Moves more air and is more efficient.   Made in USA

Efficient ball bearing, permanent magnet motor quietly moves more air with less watts. Variable speed (PWM) control with  draw of 0.4 to 4 amps. Adjustable tilting base can point fan to any angle. 9 foot cord plugs into cigarette lighter outlet or use included adapter for direct connect to battery terminals. 3000 cfm on high. 1 year warranty. 
30 lbs $300  
Special  $259  

Replacement Parts
              M302  3 lbs  $85
Speed Control  SC302  1 lb  $55
Fan Blade          FB302  5 lbs $20

HTI Motor Replacement DC Venturi fan motor.  3" diameter x 4-1/8" long plus 3/8" diameter x 1-11/16" long shaft. 
Rating at 12 volts: No load 1070 rpm at .08 amps; 860 rpm at .7 amps, 685 rpm at 1.28 amps.  F013  4 lbs 
HTI Motor
Brush set of two  F014  $4

Motor Mounting Bracket  Fits motors from 1-1/2" to 3" diameters. Use a hose clamp to attach motor to bracket. 2" wide, 2-3/8" high, Mounting holes 4-5/8" apart.  F015 1/2 lb $10     Limited Special  $2


DC Axial Fans

DC fans with low power draw using brushless motors. Circulate air between rooms, move heat from woodstoves or propane heaters, vent composting toilets or cool people.  3-1/5” square

Catalog No. CFM Volts Watts Pounds Price
F020 32 12 2 2 $20     Limited Special  $9
F021 32 24 2 2 $20     Limited Special  $9


DC Ceiling Fan. Use winter or summer. Efficient Vari-Fan can be used with 4 or 5 blades and mounted flat on ceiling or hung from its 4” down rod (or make a longer down rod with 1/2" thick walled plastic conduit). Reversible wood blades are light oak on one side and dark oak on the other. Durable ABS plastic base with black matte finish which can be painted other colors. Blade brackets have brass finish. Uses 0.5 amps on 12 volts (5 watts), 60 rpm/1500 cfm or 0.8 amps on 24 volts with twice the speed (120 rpm/2700 cfm). Use 12/24 fan speed control (below) to allow full fan speed on  a 12 volt battery. Permanent magnet motor.  Made by Nextek.
F060 Vari-Fan 18 lbs  $295

42” Ceiling Vari-Fan



DC Fan Speed Controller for 12-24 volt, 8 amp max, On, Off, Reverse fan direction and variable speed. Variable speed control knob and reversing toggle switch are mounted on a flat switch plate which can be mounts on a standard single gang electrical box. CV 12/24-2 Fan D356 4 lbs $99



DC Evaporative Air Coolers

Solar Chill™ 12 or 24 volt  DC        Special Order 48 volts DC, 120, 240 Volts AC

The Solar Chill™ evaporative cooler's housing is made of stainless steel. The efficient 8" thick wetted pad can last 5 years. The 24 has the best air flow and pressure and is be the best for use with ducts. Ducts are not recommended but if used they should be short and oversized.  1 year warranty by manufacturer. The  24” and 42" models ships by truck freight collect. The first 2 numbers of model are Fan Diameter, second 2 numbers are voltage. Output diameter is 3/4" larger than blade diameter. Max GPH is the maximum Gallons of water used Per Hour.
Units can be powered by solar electric module direct but it is normally best to run from a battery.

Sizing units: In a dry climate, use about 3 CFM (cubic feet per minute of air moved) per square foot of space to be cooled if normally insulated with not much solar gain. It will take more to cool a space that is poorly insulated or has many windows on east or west sides, such as trailers or RVs. About 8000 BTU's of cooling is produced for each gallon of water evaporated. Rates can vary from 1 to 7 gallons per hour.

Water Pumps: Water is pumped from a reservoir to the filter and evaporation media and drains back to the reservoir. The optional clean-out pump and timer are available to empty reservoir daily. This reduces mineral and dirt buildup and increase media life. The circulation pump and clean-out pump are the same pump and may be used interchangeably. For automatic water cleanout use pump on a timer.

The optional control package with thermostat will improve cooling performance and reduce humidity buildup by automatically turning cooler on and off as needed.

Model Fan Dia. Watts CFM PV Watts Max GPH H x D x W lbs Price
12 Volt
1412XP 14 38-52 1000 70-90 3.5 19.3”x 21.5”x 24” 70 $1060
1812HP 18 53-73 1500 85-130 6.7 24.5”x 22”x 24" 90 $1200
2412HP 24 80-120 3000 120-200 13.3 34”x 22.5”x 36" truck $1600
4212XP 42 200-400 8000 450-600 30 55"x32"x 60" truck $3700
24 Volt
1424XP 14 42 900 70-90 3.5 19.3”x 21.5”x 24” 70 $1060
1824HP 18 60 1500 85-130 7.3 24.5”x 22”x 24" 90 $1200
2424HP 24 85 3000 240-280 13.3 34”x 22.5”x 36" truck $1600
4224XP 42 200-400 9000 450-600 30 55"x 32"x 60" truck $3700

12 volt Pump, for main circulating and automatic cleanout, 360 GPH 4 lbs $30
24 volt Pump,
for main circulating and automatic cleanout 500 GPH 4 lbs
5 minute mechanical timer
for cleanout pump 2 lb

12 volt Control Package with pump, timer, thermostat, switches, mounting box  6 lbs $150
24 volt Control Package with pump, timer, thermostat, switches, mounting box  6 lbs
Wall mounted control box contains a thermostat, a two speed (HI/LOW) fan switch, a pump switch, and a timer for the cleanout pump.  Set the thermostat and go to sleep without worrying about wasting energy or getting too cold.  Run just the fan at night to conserve energy and water or just the pump for a few minutes to get the pad wet before firing up the cooler.  The cleanout timer runs a pump that will flush out all the water and harmful minerals from your cooler for five minutes which extends the life of the pump, pads, and cooler box. 
Pump Control Timer Board, extends pump life, higher efficiency cooling 2 lbs $80

Pump control timer board is an electronic circuit board mounted to the back of the electrical cover plate.  This board can be added to any of our 12, 24 or 48 volt coolers as an upgrade and is now installed standard on all new coolers in all voltages! What does it do?  The pump board has 2 main functions:  to lower the output air temperature, and to increase the efficiency of the cooler by decreasing the amount of energy used, and increasing the life of the pump by decreasing the duty cycle. The pump board has a built in timer that turns the pump on for two minutes and off for three.  How does this decrease the temperature of the cooler output air?  Since there is not a steady flow of water passing over the pad at all times the water held in the pad has a chance to get colder than it would if it was flowing over the pad consistently.  With evaporative cooling as the pad gets colder the output air also gets colder.  The pump board also lowers the amount of energy used since the pump is "on" for less than half the time, and it will as extend the life of the pump.



Predicted cooler performance in relation to the outside humidity and temperature. To find out if evaporative cooling will work well in your area/region, locate your average afternoon temperature and co-incident relative humidity, then locate the cooling level that may be achieved on this chart. Please note the difference in performance between 8" pad media and 6" pad media. 8" is standard.

The Fresh Air Cooling System

Evaporative cooling uses a system of air flow called the Fresh Air System.  In this system, fresh outside air is brought in through the cooler, where it is cooled and pushed through the building, then exhausted to the outside through screened windows or doors. This type of air circulation differs from traditional air conditioning, which uses recirculated air, allowing the same inside air to revolve over and over again through the building, and unlike the the Fresh Air System, works best if it is sealed off from all outside air leakages and exchange.  This causes stale and toxic air in your home or office!   These problems are known as "sick building syndrome".

The Fresh Air Cooling System, used by all evaporative coolers, is beneficial as compared to the re-circulation of the AC units, because evaporative coolers are designed to supply an entire exchange of all the buildings air every 2 to 3 minutes. Evaporative cooling greatly reduces environmental air-impurities; while AC units will continue to re-use the same polluted air, often causing problems with indoor air quality. 

For for this system to work well, the windows must be partially opened to allow air to escape, which allows the freshly cooled air to enter. If the windows are closed, the exhaust and intake air will be restricted, and the building will become pressurized and not cool well.  The intake of fresh cooled air will be blocked.

Through the use of the SOLAR CHILLtm Evaporative Coolers, the diagram shows how the cooling system works without the use of duct work.   It is preferable to eliminate the ductwork and use the building as the ductwork instead.  This is more energy efficient by reducing the friction to air flow that ductwork causes, and saves you the cost of the ducts!

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