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Portable LED Lights 





       Rechargeable, Very Bright, Dimmable.
The Rex features four extremely bright LEDs in a single line array. The entire array has Freedom features which include variable brightness, multiple signal modes and an automatic SOS mode. The SOS mode will blink continuously for hours without recharging, and is visible for miles. This feature, if used by stranded hikers or motorists, could enable search and rescue teams to locate people who might otherwise not be found.   This light can operate for about 1 hour on a full charge and the average time to recharge is 2-4 hours. The Rex is water resistant and produces a bright beam over 250 candlepower strong. 
If your ReX fails fails for any reason other than abuse or eventual battery expiration (approximately 300-500 charges), return to factory for a FREE replacement or repair.
L253  1 lb $30     Special  $24     


Use one and you will see why they are great. I don't travel without it and use it many times everyday.

The most important break-through feature of the Rex is, of course, its recharging ability. By simply connecting to any common 1.5 volt battery, the Rex will recharge up to 500 times and signals when charging.


ReX Accessory Kit (ReX light is not included, order above)   Limited Special $9 when purchased with ReX

     Makes the great ReX micro light even more versatile.
Head Band - for a hands free, lightweight, bright headlight. Light attaches to side of head band and rotates up or down to aim light where you need it. Can also be used as an arm band.

Solar Charger - 1/3 watt solar charger attaches to ReX. Handy clamp for clipping to hat visor, backpack, near an indoor light.

USB Charger - attaches to ReX for recharging from a computer USB port.

L254  1 lb  $20  Special $16



Everlite       Solar Powered
Multi-purpose - Portable or stationary    Waterproof - Use indoors or outdoors

Compact EL6 Light  12+ hours of light on full charge

The detachable 1/4 amp solar panel under full sun can recharge lamp in 6 hours. The LED lamp puts out 60+ lumens and runs more than 12 hours from a full charge.  Lamp has a mounting holes for hanging on a wall. Lamp attaches to solar panel back for travel and can be unplugged from solar panel for portability or to operate optional accessories. Lightweight and rugged. There is a 3-way ON-OFF-AUTO switch. Auto mode runs the LEDs automatically from dusk to dawn.  USA designed, made in China. 8 LED Lamp is about 6 high, 3 in diameter. Lithium batter 3.6 v, 1.35 AH.

 EL6 3 lbs $70                Limited  Special  $59

AC and DC chargers for EL6 Lights


120 VAC Charger Plugs into wall outlet to recharge lamp. Will not overcharge.
l lb $12  Limited Special  $6

12 VDC Charger Plugs into car (or any 12 volt DC supply) to recharge lamp. Will not overcharge. Output is 5 volt, 200 ma.
EA4 1 lb $12   Limited Special  $6 




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